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WDYTT: Vancouver Canucks predictions for 2021 (Put your money where your mouth is!)

Hello, and welcome back to the year’s final edition of WDYTT, the only hockey column on the internet to actually have a solid 2020.

And with this dumpster inferno of a year almost behind us, it’s definitely time to shift our perspective toward 2021, a year that, at the very least, can’t get much worse.

Every week, this column asks you, our treasured readers, for their opinions on a whole host of topics. Today, however, we’re going to attempt to start a new annual tradition.

The idea is pretty simple. In the comments below, please write down one or more hockey-related predictions for the year ahead. They’ll be posted in next week’s WDYTT. Then, in December of 2021, we’ll dig them all up and make an article out of them, ranking all of your prognostications from most to least accurate.

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The only thing on the line is your CanucksArmy comment section reputation. In other words, the stakes couldn’t possibly be higher!

You heard us, folks, this week we’re asking you to:

Make your official hockey- or Canucks-related predictions for the year 2021.

Before we get to last week’s holiday-themed responses, it’s as good an opportunity as any to thank you all for your readership, participation, and kind words in 2020. It hasn’t been an easy year, in this sport or any other, but you’ve each made it a little more enjoyable.

Thanks, and all the best in 2021!

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Speaking of felicitations, last week we asked:

What holiday gifts would you give the Vancouver Canucks?

Your holly jolly responses are below! (Though some plainly missed the memo about having fun with it!)


A time travel machine, one that goes back about 4.5 years ago.


To be honest, I would prefer if they gave me gifts.

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Puck Viking:

I’d give them Seth Jones. Seeing him with Hughes would be unreal.

Defenceman Factory:

(Winner of the author’s weekly award for eloquence)

I read the question and immediately a long list of flaws compiled in my head and the gifts needed to correct them. A laundry list of insults if you like. In the spirit of the season, I chose not to answer that way, but rather with a view to the organization as a whole.

I would like the Canucks to have the patience to get out from under the veteran contracts before making a big push and the wisdom to accurately identify the weaknesses in the roster and make effective moves to fill them.

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A further wish for Canuck fans is for the organization not to mortgage its future to the hilt to make a single Cup run. The decline and rebuild since 2011 has been long and painful. Build a team to be a perennial contender, so we can look forward to a decade of playoff runs.

Wishing our Canadian boys all the best at the World Juniors.

Holly Wood:

In a condensed season, key injuries will likely impact every team. I wish them good health and a relatively injury free season.


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I`d like to offer Jim Benning a nice big severance package so he never has to worry about his future and he can retire in comfort and spend his remaining years watching his favourite teams (the Leafs and Oilers) on the TV like the rest of us. Ho Ho Ho.


I’ll give Petey a giant trophy case.


I’d like to give EP40 the Hart, Selke, and Art Ross. Demko the Vezina and Jennings. Hoggy/Pod the Calder, Q the Norris, Green the Jack Adams. ALL Canucks and BC will have Lord Stanley’s Cup come back it’s rightful home, and even Loui Loui the Lady Byng! But that’s all, don’t want to spoil them, they weren’t THAT good!…🎄🎅

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That their three inexperienced D (Juolevi, Rathbone, and Rafferty) prove to be top-four D by the start of the season.


Being Xmas season, I would give Greener a large set of C Energizer Batteries. Every time Jake decides to become disengaged, he can put them in his back side!


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We need Jake to be in top shape, meaner, and motivated consistently. That alone is a big boost. The young D need experience to see what we have. I prefer more offence & mobility from the D pairings then work on the complements for them as needed.