Canucks are changing their goal song and will choose from three options this preseason

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David Quadrelli
1 year ago
When fans pour into Rogers Arena this season, they’ll be hearing a new song blasting through the speakers whenever the Vancouver Canucks score a goal.
The Canucks will be testing out three new goal songs, two of which will be by local artists, a source told CanucksArmy.
Since the beginning of the 2019-20 season, the Canucks’ goal song was “Aint talkin’ bout love” by Van Halen, but after the club cleaned house in December, a new goal song was debuted. This time, the team chose to throw it back, and went with “Don’t you (forget about me)” by Simple Minds.
“Holiday” by Green Day was the Canucks’ goal song during the 2011 cup run, and is beloved by many fans, many of whom have long clamoured for its return to the loudspeakers at Rogers Arena.
The Canucks will play three preseason games at home at Rogers Arena, and one “home” game out in Abbotsford against the Edmonton Oilers on October 5th.
The Canucks’ first preseason home game is on September 25th against the Calgary Flames, then on September 29th, the Seattle Kraken are in town. The Canucks’ final home game at Rogers Arena during the 2022-23 preseason is on October 7th against the Arizona Coyotes.
It’s at these three home games that the Canucks will be playing each of their new goal song options, where they will attempt to gauge the atmosphere, environment, and overall fan experience.
What local artist’s track do you think should be behind the Canucks’ new goal song? Let us know in the comments section below!

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