Boudreau jokes about his coaching style: “After about four years, they don’t like it anymore, and that’s when they fire me”

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Mike Gould
2 years ago
Vancouver Canucks head coach Bruce Boudreau gave a hilariously self-reflective answer in conversation with sports reporter Allie Berube on Wednesday.
When asked by Berube about the “fresh energy” he’s able to provide to a team when hired during a season, Boudreau gave this response:
Boudreau: I’ve done the same thing — when I say “the same thing,” I mean my approach is the same as it was in Washington, as in Anaheim, as in Minnesota, and now here, and it seems to work. After about four years, they don’t like it anymore, and that’s when they fire me. [Laughs]
Berube: So we’ve got three, three more years —
Boudreau: You never know. Three more years might be stretching it, I’ll be approaching 70 at that point in time. I might just need to golf every day.
Watch the full exchange between Boudreau and Berube below:
In 21 games under Boudreau, the Canucks have posted a 12–5–4 record. The 67-year-old has guided his teams to 579 wins in his 1,005-game career as a head coach in the National Hockey League.

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