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Roundtable: The Trade Deadline

The Canucks  made their big acquisition of trade deadline season by trading for Tyler Toffoli on Monday evening, but they still could have a few tricks up their sleeve before the official deadline tomorrow. They still have a few areas of need, particularly on defence, and a have a few players on expiring contracts, so it’s possible we could still see more movement. What, if anything, would you like to see the Canucks do on deadline day?

Ryan Hank

I personally would like to see nothing happen. This team isn’t ready to make a serious run and changing up anything else right now (picks, prospects, players) just muddys the situation. See what they have to finish the season, let the chips fall where they may, and adjust next year.
The team is a lot closer than many of us thought but this team has done a lot with what they have right now.Matt Dumba would be nice though.

Chaad Gramlich

I would like to see them acquire a solid middle 6 forward like Sven Bae (just some nice Nux humour for you all), but honestly just a bottom pairing d-man would be ideal. Upgrade that d-depth for a C prospect or 4th rd pick type deal. No more top 3 round picks or good prospects Jimbo. We’re far from all in this year, and I hope JB knows that.

Cory Hergott

If they can move out a contract or two, that would be nice. As someone who covers the Comets, it’s a bit of a double edged sword for me. For the players sakes, I’d love to see Sven Baertschi and Nikolay Goldobin find new homes. At the same time, I can’t help but think that if they do get moved, it will be to teams in the Comets division and they will take turns sticking a dagger in the Comets post-season hopes.
Does the big club need to add a physical winger? Uh…hello, they have #TheBigFella ready and willing to play…do they need someone with more experience than him? Maybe, but I’d prefer to not see the team cough up assets for players who will not be here past this season. Tyler Madden and a second for Toffoli was already a bit of a tough pill to swallow and a blow to the prospect pool.

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Michael Wagar

I share much of Cory’s sentiment of moving out a contract. Aside from that, I would prefer a quiet deadline for the Canucks.  I haven’t been a fan of targets like Simmonds and Barrie who have been mentioned as players of interest. I don’t like the fit for either player, considering the cost. Prior to dealing Madden, the Canucks didn’t exactly have a top prospect pool and another hit to that or their remaining picks would be sacrificing too much of the future.

Danielle Huntley

I think the Canucks shouldn’t make any more moves at the deadline. The only thing that would make sense is to move a big contract off the books so next season there is more cap space, but not at the expense of giving up picks or prospects. They already made the deal for Tyler Toffoli which isn’t a bad trade, but the Canucks don’t have many picks in the upcoming draft and can’t afford to give up any more assets. They do not need anymore aging forwards like Wayne Simmonds when they have plenty already like Loui, Beagle and Sutter. I can’t see a place he would fit nicely on this team. I don’t like the idea of trading Stecher for Barrie because I don’t see Barrie as a good fit. Every year Stecher starts from the bottom and by the end of the season he is on the top two pairings. Barrie hasn’t been good defensively this year and that’s an area where the Canucks struggle.