Roberto Luongo announces his retirement

Long-time Vancouver Canuck goaltender Roberto Luongo has officially announced his retirement from professional hockey via his Twitter account.


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Speculated for what seems like the past few years, Luongo has been nursing injuries in this latter part of his career. Before returning to Florida in 2014, the netminder spent a total of eight years in Vancouver, including multiple playoff runs and a Stanley Cup Final appearance in 2011.

Throughout his 448 appearances and 367 starts for the Canucks, Luongo was one of the league’s best goaltenders. Posting a .919 save percentage and 2.36 GAA during his time in Vancouver.

Luongo was in the top-10 of Vezina Trophy voting for five of the eight years as a Canuck and won the William M. Jennings Trophy once as part of the best goalie tandem in the league, with Cory Schneider.

His legacy will continue as one of the best on and off the ice players to be a part of the Canucks organization.

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Reported by Frank Seravalli last week, the Canucks are now facing an estimate of a $3.03-million penalty on their cap for the next three years.

Puckpedia explains the full recapture penalty HERE.

This means that as of right now, before they have signed any of their restricted free agents or available unrestricted free agents, the Canucks have about $15-million in cap space heading into the 2019-20 season.

With Brock Boeser still to sign for about half of that total, Vancouver now have to be careful how they spend their cap dollars.

They were linked to Tyler Myers previously, and considered one of the frontrunners for the 6-foot-7 right-handed defenceman, but if the estimate of a $7-million cap hit on the Myers deal is correct, that seems much less likely now.

Important depth forwards like Josh Leivo and Nikolay Goldobin are still in need of new contracts that should still require a significant portion of that remaining cap space.

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Because of this penalty, we might see the Canucks hold back on any free agent signings.

  • truthseeker

    Wow. Totally surprised it came to this. I was totally wrong on this one. I really can’t believe Lu chose to leave 3 million on the table when he could have had it for basically nothing.
    Oh well. That’s the choice he made and the canucks are going to have to live with it. 3 million for three years against the cap sucks but it is what it is.

  • Kanuckhotep

    Hate to be Negative Nancy here but June 13/11, game six in Boston in the first period Luongo put on one of the worst performances in Canucks history when it mattered most. He was soon pulled in favour of Schneider and they lost 5-2 and you know the rest. What’s all this love for a guy who wanted to leave anyways? I’ll throw up if they retire his number.

  • TheRealPB

    Best goaltender Canucks (and FLA and the NHL) have been blessed to see. For all the morons complaining about the SCF, just think about how total crap the Canucks have been outside of 1.5 seasons of King Richard, 1 season of Suitcase Smith, and 3-4 seasons of Kirk McLean. The WCE got derailed by no good goalies. The best years of Gradin and Smyl, Lever and Kearns, Naslund, Bertuzzi and Morrison, and so many others totally wasted by terrible goaltending. The sea change when Luongo came on board was unprecedented. We take for granted the dominant decade that came from having THREE generational players in the Sedins and Luongo.

    Yeah it sucks that the cap recapture will hit us (but hey if it stops JB from overspending on Myers then Luongo will have given us yet another gift). I can’t really blame Luongo for wanting retire, the Panthers for not agreeing to put him on LTIR (which isn’t as easy as suggested and THEIR short-term interest is in getting more cap-space for July 1 to pursue Panarin and Bobrovsky), Benning for not somehow reaquiring him (and even if we did no guarantee that he’d get the LTIR designation) or Gillis for signing him to a contract that was legitimate at the time. Let’s just celebrate Luongo for a wonderful career.

    • Gino über alles

      You hit the nail on the head; Florida had their hands all over this decision and they’ve screwed us over. Luongo could quit legitimately not play again due to his hips but that they “encouraged” him to retire says volumes; placing a player on LTIR requires BOTH parties to agree, and if Florida doesn’t then Luongo has no other choice but to retire. They come out well ahead of the game as they save $2m per year and don’t have to worry about protecting his contract for the expansion draft, and we get skewered with majority of the recapture penalty.

      He could call their bluff and report to training camp anyways but he only has $3m or so in remaining salary anyways so what’s the point? He knows that they’re going all-in for Bobrovsky and won’t go through all that work to be a back up at this stage of his career. I don’t doubt him when he says that he’s at peace with his decision but you certainly can’t help but see that Florida got off awfully fortunate here.

  • Burnabybob

    I agree that this could be a good thing if it stops Benning from making bad free agent signings. I wonder if trading Eriksson or Tanev could change the situation, though.

  • Chris the Curmudgeon

    So, just to clarify, the team already had $800K against the cap for retained salary on Luongo, and that now goes away, so this is a net increase of about $2.2. Luongo did us a favor by retiring now and spreading the hit out. Don’t blame him one bit for not wanting to do some kind of silly bogus charade to game the LTIR rules (which is just as bad of a cap violation that the league has selectively elected not to punish). And, he might have just saved us from a massive mistake in handing out a huge contract to a mediocre defenceman in Myers, though with how well Benning does at getting his man, can’t be too hopeful there.

  • jaybird43

    Congratulations Loui on a great career. And also the class it shows to retire, rather than go on some semi-fake LTIR. Best of luck in your future, and thanks for the great years in Van.