2019 Draft Countdown No. 30-26: Nils Hoglander, Ville Heinola Arthur Kaliyev, Alex Vlasic, Pavel Dorofeyev

Welcome to Canucks Army’s 2019 Draft Countdown. Over the next four weeks leading up to the draft, we’ll be rounding up scouting reports, quotes, and videos about our Top-100 prospects available. Here are aggregated profiles on 2019 Draft Countdown: Nils Hoglander, Ville Heinola Arthur Kaliyev, Alex Vlasic, and Pavel Dorofeyev.

No. 30: Nils Hoglander

Date of birth: December 20th, 2000

Nation: Sweden

Position: Left Winger

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Shoots: Left

Height: 5’9″ / 174 cm

Weight: 185 lbs / 84 kg

Profile: A high-IQ winger that played in the SHL all of last season. Hoglander has a very good shot and easy hands.

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A skilled winger with good acceleration and a better release. Plays bigger than his size and has looked capable in the SHL this season. Quick cuts and quicker hands allow him to dart in and out of traffic. — Cam Robinson

Hoglander has skill and vision that allow him to excel despite a smaller frame. He has yet to unlock vast potential. — Chris Peters

No. 29: Ville Heinola

Date of birth: March 2nd, 2001

Nation: Finland

Position: Defence

Shoots: Left

Height: 5’11″ / 181 cm

Weight: 181 lbs / 82 kg

Profile: A very smooth skater, excels on his edges and uses his agility well. Could use more power in his skating and shooting, but accuracy and agility is where he shines.

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A talented and effective offensive defenseman who boasts quick acceleration and expert edgework. Makes smart decisions with the puck and already looks confident in the top men’s league. — Cam Robinson

A strong and agile skater, he could stand to improve his first step and get a bit quicker. Still, his mobility, combined with the vision to effectively start the transition game and create opportunities for his teammates. — Hannah Stuart

No. 28: Arthur Kaliyev

Date of birth: June 26th, 2001

Nation: United States

Position: Left Winger

Shoots: Left

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Height: 6’2″ / 188 cm

Weight: 190 lbs / 67 kg

Profile: One of the biggest offensive threats in this draft class, Kaliyev is an excellent goalscorer. Not the most well-rounded winger, but his shot is why he’s in the first round. His skating could use some work.

Shoot-first winger who knows how to find the back of the net. Somewhat one-dimensional but that dimension is spectacular. Changes the release point and angle to exploit netminders. Protects the puck well. — Cam Robinson

He needs to be better in his own end, but that comes with time, and his goal-scoring talent is elite enough to make him worth the risk. One thing he absolutely needs to improve, however, is his skating – specifically, his first step and top speed. — Hannah Stuart

No. 27: Alex Vlasic

Date of birth: June 5th, 2001

Nation: United States

Position: Defence

Shoots: Left

Height: 6’6″ / 198 cm

Weight: 198 lbs / 90 kg

Profile: A defence-heavy player, Vlasic will need to tone his offence to make it into the NHL. But the tools are there for a very well-rounded defenceman.

He is not flashy and his numbers don’t pop, but Vlasic plays a game that fits the modern NHL. He defends at a high level, has excellent feet and sees the ice remarkably well. — Chris Peters

A big man who can skate will always have a place. More of a projection pick in terms of what he will do offensively down the road. — Sam Consentino

No. 26: Pavel Dorofeyev

Date of birth: October 26th, 2000

Nation: Russia

Position: Left/Right Winger

Shoots: Left

Height: 6’0″ / 184 cm

Weight: 163 lbs / 74 kg

Profile: A high-IQ winger with a shot as well, Dorofeyev tore up the MHL and made his KHL debut. Active in both ends, he can prevent scoring chances in his own end and then create them in the other zone.

Shoot-first winger has a knack for scoring big goals. Slight and slippery, he is elusive in the offensive end. Smooth puck skills and the heavy release highlight his skill package. — Cam Robinson

He’s a very strong skater who may not be the fastest guy on the ice, but he excels at positioning his body and the puck in such a way where he can maneuver around defenders with ease. He’s both a smart playmaker and shooter, and is able to assist in breakouts with his great hand-eye coordination knocking down clearing attempts and bad passes to keep the play flowing forward. — Will Scouch

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