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Kole Lind cleared for play after bout with Mononucleosis

Over the past few weeks, Canucks prospect Kole Lind was missing from Kelowna Rockets’ lineup. As the rosters were announced for each game, not a sight of Lind. People began to worry as neither the Rockets nor the Canucks had addressed his health status. Exhale, Canucks fans. Kelowna recently announced that Lin will be returning after missing two weeks with Mononucleuosis.

Rockets General Manager Bruce Hamilton: He’s likely at the very end stages of mono. He’s been cleared to play so he’ll get some skates in. It’s been a long, challenging test because the tests became positive, but there was concern that he had mono already so couldn’t get it again. More tests were taken and it came back the same way: he did have the mono virus. The delay was more making sure what it was and where he was in the stage.”

Lind will not be in the lineup on Friday when the Rockets play Spokane. He will skate today and tomorrow, then be re-evaluated on Saturday prior to their game vs. Kootenay.

Hockey Canada is expected to release their roster for the World Jr. Evaluation Camp on Tuesday, and Hamilton says he notified the organization of Lind’s current health status. Though he missed a handful of games, one cannot discount his play prior to the illness. It certainly set him back, but let’s hope he’s able to challenge for a spot on the roster.