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Loui Eriksson leaves Saturday’s game with knee injury

With Alex Edler already on the shelve with a knee injury, it appears that the Canucks forward Loui Eriksson may be soon joining him in the infirmary.

The play came during Eriksson’s first shift of the game.

The shove by Glass is a dangerous play and the outcome is exactly why. Eriksson is unable to stop and crashes hard into the net with his left knee bending from the impact. Eriksson stayed on the bench for a bit but left the game shortly after that. It was later announced that he would not return for the remainder of the contest.

The Canucks begin an east coast road trip on Tuesday, so we may not have a full idea of the injury for a day or two. Jake Virtanen was a healthy scratch tonight, so it’s fair to assume he would be re-inserted into the lineup.

If the Canucks do recall a forward, which is likely, Nikolay Goldobin has 3 goals and 2 assists in four games while Reid Boucher has 6 assists in those four games.

    • Roy

      Yes, an eye for an eye, Taliban-style. That works so well. Or they could have given Glass a major penalty and thrown him out for a needlessly dangerous play, followed by a suspension. The league is lax in punishment because of this idiotic toxic male culture of retribution – and it starts with the GMs and owners.


    Hutton has looked terrible and I’m starting to wonder if he was the one making Guddy look bad and not the other way around. Virtanen needs more minutes if he’s going to succeed at all otherwise he’s better suited for the minors at this point.

    • Bud Poile

      Eriksson has had a very decent career with a near .7 PPG average.
      He was solid out of the gate this year,especially killing penalties.
      Virtanen hasn’t shown us much,let alone any defensive or offensive consistency.

      • Braindead Benning

        He is not paid just to kill penalties or be a defensive specialist that can be had by the like of chaput or others at a fraction of the cost.
        His PPG average and his play has been very good throughout his career with Dallas and Boston however, the guy is NOT a fit with this team and it was a poor signing.
        He is a prime candidate to be bought out either next year or the year after

      • LTFan

        Bud – Eriksson has not played anywhere even close to the money he is being paid. That being said if someone wants to pay him that much money – he is going to take it. On this deal, JB overpaid.

        I would think you would have to agree that JV has looked good from the beginning of training camp. Much improved from last year. I have been critical of JV for quite some time but I am now in his “camp” that he will make it with the Canucks and become the player many said he would be when drafted. There is a difference between an 18 year old with little experience and a 20 year old with some experience. JV grew up.