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Canucks re-sign Anton Rodin to One-Year Deal

The Vancouver Canucks took care of a little housekeeping on the eve of free agency, locking up pending unrestricted free agent winger Anton Rodin with a one-year contract extension.

Per TVA’s Renaud Lavoie, Rodin’s new deal is valued at $700,000 and is a one-way pact, meaning he would make as much in the AHL as he would in the NHL. It’s a slight pay cut from the $900,000 contract the Canucks used to pry Rodin from the SHL in advance of last season.

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Rodin, 26-years-old, played in, technically, three games for the Canucks last season, registering but one assist. I say technically in this context because for one of the games Rodin sat on the bench for the entire 60-minutes.

For some, including yours truly, it’s something of a surprise that the Canucks were willing to roll the dice on Rodin as he hopes to use a second season as the liftoff point for his NHL career. While it’s not terribly fair to cut Rodin’s comeback bid short after an injury plagued year (one the Canucks, some would argue, share some semblance of culpability in fostering), the logistics of Vancouver’s roster make it a tight squeeze.

Apparently, the Canucks front office sees Rodin as worth the trouble. If Rodin can stay healthy, it’s possible they’re rewarded for their belief. If not, they can bury Rodin’s contract in the AHL without any adverse impact on their salary cap figure. What’s there to lose?

  • Tedchinook

    As long as his knee held up in the preseason he looked really good. If he’s fully healthy this could be a low risk/high reward deal. If not, then very little is at risk.

  • Neil B

    What precarious roster situation, JD?

    If the Canucks were to re-sign every FA they had on their roster last season, then they’d have 48 standard player contracts (the current 35, plus the 13 unsigned RFAs and UFAs). Of course, they wouldn’t be able to sign the players the Canucks are linked to…

    Except, of course, for the players mentioned in Canucks Army’s own coverage. Miller will be going elsewhere (opening up a roster spot for Mr. Nilsson), and as this site’s own Jeremy Davis reported, the Canucks did not re-sign or qualify Cramarossa, Zalewski, or Gaertig. So, even if we get all of the UFAs JB wants, we will be back at 48 standard contracts; still two under the limit. Then there is Grenier, probably not being offered a contract, and Borna Rendulic, who will not be back, both according to Dhaliwal. So, that puts us to 46 standard contracts; and, with $18.7 or so million left below the cap, the Canucks can offer an average of just over $3.2 mill to whomever they think will be on the roster come October.

    So, we’ve got lots of cap space, and will have, if JB is wildly successful in FA season, only 46 standard NHL contracts. What, then, about “the logistics of Vancouver’s roster make [signing Rodin for $700K] a tight squeeze”?

  • Chris the Curmudgeon

    I really like that they did this. Cutting him loose after what happened last year (outside of his control) would have been low class in my opinion. Give him another shot at the dream he worked so hard to deserve.

  • TD

    Great move and one that I have been hoping for. Not sure why JD is surprised by the move. Benning will know the status of the reconstructed knee, the Canucks have a ton of cap space compared to most teams (not that they need it for this deal as it could be completely buried in the AHL) and there is only upside if Rodin lives up to his potential. Loved the skill Rodin displayed last preseason.

    • Neil B

      It’s pretty much the definition of a low risk-high reward deal. Either Rodin lives up to his top-6/50 point potential, at $700K, or he doesn’t, and his entire contract can be hidden in Utica, cap-wise.

      And, if he is playing to that potential at the 60-game mark, he’s either earned himself a spot in the next phase of the transition away from the Sedins, or he’s a very inexpensive deadline-day pickup in a relatively deep draft year.

  • Ragnarok Ouroboros

    Rodin never got a chance to prove what he can do. He was trying to play on a knee that was rehabbing from a botched surgery. I’m looking forward to him showing what he can do. In the limited amount of time he played, I thought he showed great potential. If his knee problems are behind him and the knee is properly rehabbed, I think he has a good chance of making an impact.

  • TheRealPB

    So much happier about this versus some of the marginal FAs out on the market. Hopefully he’ll be better used by this coaching staff as compared to the last.

  • sloth

    Right below the article there’s a link that tells me that 10 months ago Canucks Army named this guy the 4th best “prospect” in the Canucks system. #5 in that series was Nikita Tryamkin and #6 was Brendan Gaunce. Given the amount of hand-wringing about the loss of Tryamkin to Russia and the threat of losing Gaunce to expansion, I would have expected more relief and excitement about retaining an asset with some upside. It’s not like he just played badly last year or forgot how to play hockey (like some of our prospects coughvirtanencough), so I don’t understand the indifference to letting him walk for free. The guy had serious knee problems, now he’s had another surgery and a nice long rehab, so either his knee will hold up next year or he’ll never make it in the NHL. It’s well worth a 1-year deal for peanuts to find out. And if it’s a “tight squeeze” on the roster, they can send him to Utica, where he could maybe help a pretty pedestrian offensive unit last year.

  • Cageyvet

    Freaking love this signing, I can’t even believe there’s any question this is the right move. This is a team that signed Molino, Cramarossa etc.last year after having our depth exposed, I mean you’re already icing Megna, Chaput and Skillet and the additions are sketchy at best. Rodin was one of the most hyped pre-season roster additions, and watching him walk away and fulfill the potential he displayed overseas and in limited action here would have been a shame. Where does he fit in? If he is the player we hope, he can score, meaning he gets the nod and the question becomes where do other guys fit in? His age and experience mean that he can succeed this year, while some of our young talent may not deliver this season, so I don’t see any roster issues. We can barely deliver 4 top 6 wingers now, and Daniel isn’t lighting the lamp much anymore. Injuries destroy that minimal depth, any good team has 4 guys earning the power play time and top minutes, and another couple that are on the 3rd line but have the chops to move up when someone gets hurt. Finally, good old asset management, this is our original draft pick and as everyone has already pointed out, low risk, high reward. Letting him walk would seem pointless, but what I like the most about this deal? That Rodin signed it, he obviously wants to be in the league, was not soured on the organization by how the situation was handled, think what you will of that, and took a pay cut on an obvious “show me” contract. Sounds motivated. This is a total win for JB no matter the result, the move is the right one and beats the hell out of these fringe free agents, do any of them have 2nd line potential other than Sam Gagner, who won’t sign here anyway and would cost at least 5 times more.

  • Chadallac

    WOOhoo awesome I’m so happy I really think he’s the player who was voted MVP SHL not the one who was hurt last year and had no cooperation from the old out of bonehead coach.

  • Killer Marmot

    Although I welcome this, there’s going to be crap load of established and developing players fighting over a few open forward spots come next fall. This could impede the advancement of prospects.

    So … good and bad.

    • Braindead Benning

      If developed players includes the means of Megna, Chaput, Molina and co. Then it is a “Crap” load….

      How about seeing the “New” future of the Canucks with the likes of Virtanen, Demko, Joelevi, Mac, Brisebios & the rest of the 2014-2016 draft class make their mark besides Boeser,

      That would be JB stamp to the 2017-2018 Canucks

      • Killer Marmot

        First, it’s spelled Molino. Second, he’s 23 years old and has played 5 NHL games, so he can hardly be called “developed.” Third, when he shows up in training camp next fall, he’ll be one of the fastest guys on the ice. Fourth, he’s a sound defensive player who’s good at the penalty kill, a valuable skill that frees up the players on the higher lines to play some offense.

  • canuckfan

    It will be interesting to see if Gagner signs in Vancouver will give us another center. If he is a power play specialist that could mean he centers the fourth line and comes in on the power play. Sedins need ice time cut back to keep them fresh we can then roll four decent lines with Bo’s line getting the most minutes.
    I want to see the Canucks push the pace in games not do the defense at all costs score a goal and hope that Miller can stop the puck Willy used including on the power play. Power play it wasn’t Sedins it was Willy defense at all costs. Best defense is having the puck in the other teams end pushing the play. Not watching your goalie getting hammered shot after shot hoping you can get the rebound and clear the zone. Sure was fun watching Miller play but near the end it was taking a toll on him.