Sedins finish ahead of every Canucks prospect on Grouse Grind

Photo credit:© Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports
Michael Mazzei
8 days ago
Although it has been six years since they last played an NHL game, Daniel and Henrik Sedin are still in great shape.
During the final day of the Canucks’ Development Camp, the players and team participated in a challenge where they ran the Grouse Grind. It is a short trail at just under 3 km in length, but because it involves a steep incline going up the side of Grouse Mountain, it is a daunting trail to get through even for NHL prospects.
Yet the Sedin twins had no problems with it as Vancouver prospect Aiden Celebrini, older brother of this year’s first overall pick Macklin, revealed that they finished the trail before he did.
“Oh yeah, actually behind the Sedins,” he said when asked if he was one of the first players to finish the trail. “They’re not human.”
Both Sedins have frequently done the Grouse Grind numerous times over the years including at numerous Canucks Prospect Camps since they both retired in 2018. In fact, Daniel did it 11 times in one day last year when he competed in the Multi-Grouse Grind Challenge with a final time of 10:08:18. Only one of his grinds lasted over an hour while his fastest one was a little over 51 minutes, which was enough to help him finish 23rd in the challenge out of 70 participants.
Seeing these two continue to make an impact on the organization while inspiring the next generation of players is a testament to just how much the Sedins have meant to the Canucks’ organization. They both took up roles in Player Development back in the summer of 2022 and they were given enhanced coaching roles last month that allow them to be more involved in the day-to-day coaching tasks.
Both will continue to make a huge impact on the organization even though the two Hall of Famers are no longer able to contribute on the ice. With how well things went for the Canucks last season and knowing the two will be more involved on a daily basis moving forward, who knows what else they will be able to contribute that continues the winning ways reestablished last season.
At the very least, they will not pass up on an opportunity to showcase their strong fitness level that they still have in their early 40s.

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