Report: “More unlikely than likely” that the Vancouver Canucks trade J.T. Miller now

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David Quadrelli
1 year ago
As the trade deadline approaches, the Vancouver Canucks are in no rush to move J.T. Miller.
They’ve made it clear to teams that they won’t be bringing down their reportedly Jack Eichel-esque asking price for teams looking to acquire Miller, and that’s apparently driven some teams away.
Quite frankly though, it doesn’t seem the Canucks really care. After all, Miller is signed through next season and will still have plenty of trade value this offseason and even at next year’s trade deadline.
Daily Faceoff’s Frank Seravalli joined Canucks Central on Sportsnet 650 Monday afternoon to give the latest on Miller:
“I’d be surprised if J.T. Miller’s traded,” said Seravalli. “He’s continued to slide down my trade targets board based on the intel I’m getting. I truly believe that while they’re open to the idea or the possibility of it, that they just — I don’t know that they can envision something like that coming across their table to the point where it would make them do it. Could it happen? I suppose, but I think it’s certainly more unlikely than likely at this point. You know, I’d hazard to put a percentage on it, but the scales are tipped pretty considerably I think in terms of moving J.T. Miller.”
“The New York Rangers like JT Miller, he’s basically at number one on their board — and there’s a huge gap between number two and whoever number three would be — that’s their guy. And they’re now beginning to — I don’t even want to say moved on — I don’t think they know what they’re going to do, because they have a sense that it’s not going to be JT Miller, that he’s not going to move.”
With the March 21st NHL trade deadline fast approaching, we will keep you up to date on all the latest Canucks news and rumblings in the coming weeks.

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