Quinn and Jack Hughes got inspiration for their shooting room from Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon

Photo credit:Canucks "Going Home" Series
David Quadrelli
9 months ago
In a tour of his and his brother Jack’s summer home in Michigan, Quinn Hughes showed Canucks rinkside reporter Kate Pettersen the ins and outs of the house him and Jack purchased a couple of summers ago. Hughes showed off their pool room decked out with a detailed scoreboard for when their friends come over to play pool, took the Canucks’ content team out for a ride on their boat, and eventually, the brothers’ “shooting room” in their garage.
Hughes shared that the inspiration for the shooting room came from training sessions with two of the NHL’s elite players.
“Honestly, we went to Halifax and trained with Crosby and Mackinnon before our rookie year,” Hughes said. “Crosby had the sickest shooting room and when we were going to buy this, we were like ‘yeah’, we need to have a sick shooting room.”
Crosby famously used to shoot into his parents’ dryer in his basement in Coal Harbour, Nova Scotia, but has apparently since upgraded. Hughes’ shooting room is decked out with a Canucks Adirondack chair, and the three brothers’ jersey numbers spray painted on the wall. There didn’t appear to be much New Jersey Devils gear around, so do with that what you will…
Hughes also talked about one of the many lessons his father Jim taught him that still sticks with him and his brothers in their professional careers.
“I mean it’s hard to pinpoint one thing that my dad instilled in us because we were always working on something every year, but he never really cared if we were having a good game or doing whatever, but he wanted us to work hard,” said Quinn, who tallied a career-high 76 points through 78 games with the Canucks this past season. “Especially now once we got into pro hockey, he’s like, have purpose with it. Don’t just work hard just to work hard, but like especially with the ice… not just skating around and just going out there for a skate, being detailed and dialled in. I think that’s what we’ve been really good at and what he kind of harps on as well.”
You can watch the full video from the Canucks’ “Going Home” series below!

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