Notes from Canucks summer skate: Podkolzin’s shot breaks glass, and Martin debuts a new mask

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David Quadrelli
1 year ago
The informal skates continue this week as more and more Vancouver Canucks players arrive in preparation for training camp later this month.
Among the new arrivals out at Scotia Barn — more commonly known as 8 Rinks — this week are defencemen Luke Schenn and Tyler Myers.

A Broken panel 

Schenn’s presence was evident immediately, as not that long into the session, a pane of glass broke.
Our original guess was that the newly arrived Schenn a) put a teammate through the glass, b) took a slap shot so hard and mighty that the glass succumbed to the pressure, or c) the glass brushed Quinn Hughes and Schenn did what he had to do.
To our surprise, the broken glass panel had nothing to do with Schenn. Rather, we were told that it was a rocket of a shot off the stick of Vasily Podkolzin that ultimately sealed the glass panel’s fate.
For those keeping score at home, this is the second pane of glass the Canucks have broken with a shot at Scotia Barn in the past calendar year.

A new mask for Martin

We’ve been dreading the day on which we had to share this news.
Last week, Spencer Martin told us that he would not be bringing back his chrome mask that he wore last season.
And today, we got our first look at what appears to be Martin’s new mask.
We’re hoping to chat with him about the design tomorrow, and will hopefully have more information soon.
We also had a chat with Marko Torenius, so keep on the lookout for that story sometime soon!

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