“I have no plans to make changes” says Vancouver Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini

Photo credit:YouTube.com/Canucks
David Quadrelli
3 years ago
Roughly two and a half hours before his team takes on the Calgary Flames, Vancouver Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini took to Twitter to dispel rumours and media reports that changes could be imminent in the Canucks’ front office.
In a six tweet long thread, Aquilini wrote the following:
This has been a unique year for everyone. Roster changes, very little training camp, no pre-season, and just a few practice days. It takes time for new players to fit in and a new group chemistry to take hold, both on and off the ice. Of course I’m disappointed by our poor start, but the last thing we’re going to do is panic. We’ve been better in recent games and I believe we’ll continue to improve. Our fans are passionate and knowledgeable. They have every right to express themselves. But when the media starts pouring gas on the fire, dealing in rumours and misinformation as if it’s fact, it’s time for me to speak up. Contrary to what you may have read or heard, we’re sticking to the path we’re on: building on our core of young talent. Progression is not always a straight line. There is no easy fix, only patience, commitment, and hard work. Like Boeser, Pettersson, and Hughes, Hoglander was an excellent pick. It looks like he’ll be a great part of our future. Our hockey group believes Podkolzin will step right into the lineup as well. I have full confidence in Jim, Travis, and this group. I have no plans to make changes.
This statement directly contradicts various media reports over the past few weeks that suggested general manager Jim Benning and others’ jobs could be on the line if the losing continued.
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