‘It felt like I won an Oscar that night’: Raffi Torres talks iconic 2011 Stanley Cup Final goal, current Canucks, and more

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Jagraj Lalli
1 month ago
Former Vancouver Canucks forward Raffi Torres recently joined the Sekeres and Price show to share his thoughts on Game 2 between the Oilers and Canucks. Torres, who played for both the Edmonton Oilers and the Vancouver Canucks during his NHL career, offered his insights into the upcoming Game 2.
Torres, 43, is currently coaching at the junior level but spent multiple years in the NHL playing for various teams. He is perhaps most widely known for his game-winning goal in Game 1 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final, in which he scored with 19 seconds remaining on the clock.
Torres reflected on his coaching career, expressing his dedication to mentoring young hockey players. He said, “I spend a lot of time at the arena, especially during the winter months. I tend to slow down a bit in the summertime, but I like to stay involved with kids who are transitioning into contact hockey over the summer. It’s important for them to understand what it’s like to give and take hits and how to protect themselves on the ice.”
Despite his busy schedule, Torres still keeps up with the NHL. He shared,
“As you know, I always smile when highlights are on. It’s a little late here for a guy who’s 43 years old. I find myself going to bed early these days, but I still try to stay updated on what’s happening in hockey. Vancouver had a great year, and it’s always exciting to watch players like McDavid and Draisaitl in action. I might not know every detail about both teams, but I definitely caught game one, which was pretty interesting for sure.”
Analyzing the physicality of the series, Torres highlighted the impact of certain players. He mentioned,
“I like having Zadorov out there. He brings physicality for the Canucks, and it seemed like Connor was involved physically as well. I didn’t see much of Perry in the first game, but you know he’ll be around; he’s one of those guys who always gets involved at some point in the series. Vancouver showed great resilience in the game, coming back from being down by three goals. Their relentless pressure was impressive, and both teams are incredibly fast.”
Reflecting on his memorable goal in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final, Torres described the euphoria he felt. He said,
“It felt like I won an Oscar that night. We went for dinner, and I couldn’t take one bite without someone coming over to give me a pat on the back and say it was a hell of a night. It was such a great experience for Vancouver and the team. I even have the celebratory goal picture in both of my bathrooms at home. So whenever we have people over, they’re bound to see that picture when they visit the bathroom.”
Regarding his departure from Vancouver, Torres expressed mixed feelings. He reminisced,
“I was really disappointed after the cup run. My wife and I had a conversation with some higher-ups, as we’ve talked about before. They assured us that they loved everything about what I did for the team that year and that they were going to bring me back and make me happy. Long story short, it didn’t work out. But regardless, I loved playing in Vancouver. It was such a special time for my wife and me. Bieksa, Luongo, the Sedin brothers, Raymond—all really good guys that I enjoyed my time with there, for sure.”
Torres praised the camaraderie of the 2010-11 Vancouver Canucks, emphasizing the team’s closeness. He recalled,
“I remember around January or so, we had already clinched a playoff spot, which was pretty remarkable. I recall being on the road with the team and feeling that same sense of camaraderie as I did back in Edmonton. You could just look at anyone and say, ‘Let’s do dinner,’ and it would happen. I’ve been on teams before where it felt a bit cliquey, and that dynamic just doesn’t work. But with this group, you could see how that closeness translated onto the ice. It was a testament to the culture that the veterans had instilled even before I got there.”
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