Fanatics unveils new Vancouver Canucks jersey for 2024-25 season 

New Vancouver Canucks jersey from Fanatics
Photo credit:Vancouver Canucks Twitter (Fanatics)
Sam Nestler
17 days ago
With the new takeover of NHL jersey production by Fanatics, we will be seeing some new jerseys in the 2024-25 season. While only a few teams, like the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings, will be debuting a fully-rebranded look, all 32 clubs will see some slight changes to their on-ice uniforms. And those changes have arrived. 
All jerseys will still be made at SP Apparel, a Quebec-based company that has made the NHL’s on-ice uniforms for 49 years. 
For the Vancouver Canucks, as well as many other teams, the variations are incredibly minuscule. Here are the new Fanatics Authentic Pro jerseys the Canucks will wear in 2024-25. 
According to Fanatics, there are only a few minor changes being made to the jerseys, which were previously manufactured by Adidas. 
First, the elbows will be reinforced with a stronger and more durable material. This is the result of a lot of feedback from players and team equipment staff who noticed the old Adidas jerseys wearing out quite quickly in that area, likely from friction on other players as well as the boards. The other, more noticeable change is the removal of the jersey dimples on the front of the shoulders. 
Another nice change is that these exact jerseys will be available to fans. Rather than producing a different jersey for retail and consumer-facing products, Fanatics will sell the Authentic Pro jerseys to fans, so they can wear the same jersey that the players will sport on the ice. And of course, the Adidas logo on the back of the neck will be replaced by the classic Fanatics ‘F’ instead.
Fanatics will also be taking over the NHL’s practice jerseys, reinforcing the logo with stitching versus the screen-printed versions from Adidas. 
Here is a cool video from Fanatics explaining the changes and narrated by the one and only Doc Emrick. 
What do you think of the new jersey, Canucks fans? Comment below.

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