CometsCory: I’m back, and so is your CanucksArmy Utica Comets coverage

Photo credit:Cory Hergott
Cory Hergott
3 years ago
On June, 3rd, 2020, after three years of covering the Utica Comets, I wrote what I thought was going to be my final piece for CanucksArmy. The AHL season had been abruptly shuttered and I no longer had hockey to cover. I also had a fresh new grandson to get to know, so I took an “early retirement” from my hockey writing career.
Fast forward to the present day and we have NHL training camps opened up and news that the AHL is planning to get their season underway in early February. CanucksArmy’s Zach Laing wrote about how the Vancouver Canucks will be sharing the Utica Comets with the St. Louis Blues for the upcoming season as the Blues’ affiliation in Springfield has opted not to play this year.
I have had a nice break since the AHL shut down, but I have also missed writing about the Comets incredibly. I’ve missed the interactions with our readers and with the players/coaches alike, so it didn’t take long for me to jump back in after a chat with David Quadrelli about covering this compacted season for CanucksArmy. I mean… I am CometsCory, after all.
Things will be a little bit different this time around. Rather than churning out pre/post-game reports for each game, the plan is to do a weekly recap of how the Comets games went, along with some other content sprinkled in throughout the week as it makes sense.
I will be doing my best to once again provide our readers with the Comets content that you crave. There should be plenty of storylines to cover with this shared affiliation and the unique season that we are about to embark on.
I’m really looking forward to getting after it and watching how the AHL season unfolds and I hope that our readers are ready for a little bit more of CometsCory.

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