The biggest questions facing the Canucks as Wyatt Arndt joins the show!: Canucks Conversation

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6 months ago
On today’s episode of Canucks Conversation, David Quadrelli and Chris Faber were joined by Wyatt Arndt (AKA The Stanchion) to talk all things Vancouver Canucks!
The guys talked with Wyatt about some of his Canucks takes for the upcoming season, Wyatt’s plans for the new and improved Stanchies here at CanucksArmy, and much more! Faber and Quads also posed their Atlas Goods Poll Question to Wyatt as well: What’s the biggest question still facing this Canucks team?
Wyatt went off the board, saying which version of JT Miller the Canucks would get this season is his biggest question.
“When he first joined the team, he won this fanbase over. He forechecked harder than anyone, he backcheked, he was producing, the Lotto Line still lives in infamy. JT Miller was everything you could ask for and more. We’ve seen ups and downs with JT. He denied his inability to backcheck a couple of times, but once it hit national TV he finally said ‘okay maybe I could have backchecked a bit harder’… He’s kind of like Ryan Kesler, that’s who he is, you live and die with that kind of player. That emotion that you may not like, it also is what powers him to be a good player.
“I’m really intrigued about Quinn Hughes’ leadership, cause the worst thing you wanna have is Quinn Hughes is your new captain, and then in like game two, JT Miller is throwing a tantrum. That’s going to undercut Quinn Hughes, it’s going to bring up questions, it will take the spotlight and put it on JT. I think to Tocchet’s credit, he has been on top of that, like that can’t be what you’re doing, but I am intrigued to see if that slips out a bit and see what kind of JT Miller we get.”
Faber and Quads both agreed with the majority of voters that the “by committee” defence is the biggest question currently facing the Canucks.
You can watch the full interview with Wyatt in the video below!

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