Arshdeep Bains says he may wear a neck guard; which supporting piece has impressed the most?: Canucks Conversation

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5 months ago
On today’s episode of Canucks Conversation, David Quadrelli and Chris Faber talked about all the latest surrounding the Vancouver Canucks.
In the Atlas Goods poll question, the guys asked: Which supporting piece player on the Canucks has impressed you the most so far this season?
Our options were Casey DeSmith, Ian Cole, and Nils Höglander. Casey DeSmith ran away with the vote, while Cole and Höglander picked up a similar number of votes from Canucks fans.
Quads picked Nils Höglander, and Faber picked Casey DeSmith. They each gave the case for their player, with Quads explaining that his expectations for Höglander were much lower than what he hoped to see from Casey DeSmith.
Later, the guys were joined by the AHL’s leading scorer, Abbotsford Canucks forward Arhsdeep Bains.
Bains gave his take on neckguards, as the death of former NHLer Adam Johnson playing overseas has brought the topic of neckguards to the forefront of the hockey world. The WHL made neck protection mandatory for all of its players, and while the AHL and NHL haven’t gone that far, Bains said we may see him wearing one sooner or later.
“That tragedy was a wake up call for the whole hockey world I think. I think neckguards should be a little bit more common in the game. It’s starting to happen now, there’s a few NHLers and a couple AHL players wearing it and I think it should be a player’s choice to wear it if they want to. It can take a little bit of time to get accustomed to so I understand why players don’t want to wear it, but I think if you want to wear it it’s a pretty good idea. I think you might see me wearing one if we get a chance.”
Watch the full interview with Bains below!

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