To Boo or Not to Boo, That is the Question

(Picture courtesy of @sportsnetirf ) Every once in a while, a question comes along that the statistical side of Canucks Army cannot answer. A question that no matter how deep you dive into the numbers, an answer will not be forthcoming. A situation where Canucks Army has to call upon their emotional leader, yours truly (I like…


Fireside chats with Wyatt: Bobby Sanguinetti Edition

With the Canucks surviving the California trip and flirting with first place in the NHL (I’ve heard rumors first place is seeing other people), what better time than now to have another fireside chat where we can all gather around and share stories of players we hate, players we like, and Lucas Sbisa.  Also, it…


Back to the Future: 1992 Hockey

Last weekend I had a poker tourney with my buddies, and as each person got eliminated, they would go to the “Loser Lounge” and watch hockey as they waited for the winner to be decided. The first game on TV was the Islanders-Stars game, which showcased an impressive lack of defense and goaltending. Anders Lindback made…


Fireside Chats with Wyatt

Sometimes I have a topic in mind and I will write like a mad man, excited to deliver my thoughts to the masses, so we can all talk very specifically about what I had in mind. Other times there is just simply not much going on, and with the Canucks only seven games into the season,…


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Hockey

I had two options when writing my article this week. One, try and break down the Edmonton Oilers game and somehow try and use a sample size of one to forecast the Canucks season and how it will go, or two, take the week to talk about how that was the first game of hockey…


John Tortorella – Great Coach or Greatest Coach?

#450320839 / gettyimages.com Before the regular season begins, I just wanted to take a moment to talk about John Tortorella one last time. I feel like I never gave him a proper send off, and I wanted to make sure I gave one of the greatest coaches in Canucks history his just due. Although our…


The Vancouver Tim Hortons Ikea Canucks

“Mommy, who is Mr. GoodYear?” This week word got out that Gary Bettman and the NHL turned down the idea of putting ads on NHL jerseys in order to create more revenue. This is good news, because it means we won’t be confusing a corporate logo for a name bar anytime soon The bad news is that some…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

#55861297 / gettyimages.com Who will be the recipient of the prestigious Fedor Fedorov Preseason Award this year? Ah, how I love the smell of prospects in the morning.. OK, I probably could’ve worded that in a less creepy manner, but my point remains. After a long summer of inactivity and people trying to pretend to be…


Benning and LeBron need to walk the walk

#451365676 / gettyimages.com Winning has a funny way of changing perceptions. When you win, all of a sudden everything you do turns to gold. You can stumble, you can make mistakes, but those get swept quickly under the rug under the bright lights of winning. Likewise when you lose, all of a sudden everything you…


Six Tips for Ryan Miller to survive in Vancouver

#181617853 / gettyimages.com Don’t do this? OK Ryan, you got your money, and you’re all set to play hockey in a crazy market like Vancouver. Before the puck drops, however, I would like to offer up some advice on how to survive your three years in our beautiful city.


The six steps to success for Jim Benning

How does Jim get back here? The worst kept secret in hockey was finally unveiled on Wednesday, when it was announced that Jim Benning had agreed to a multi year contract to become the GM of the Vancouver Canucks. Unlike Torts’ inexplicable five year deal (I have to assume he has copious amounts of pictures of…


Top 10 stories of the 2014 Canucks Season: Part 2

Last week we covered the top stories of the 2014 Canucks season from ten to six. This week, we hit the top 5! Or the bottom five. Or the top of the bottom. Or.. you know what, this wasn’t a very good season. Gather around children, I want to tell you all a story.