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Horvat on captaincy: “I’d just try to be the best leader I can be”

The season is fast approaching and the Canucks still have some remaining unanswered questions before training camp begins.

Brock Boeser’s new contract is at the front of everyone’s mind, but because of a recent departure, this team might be heading into unknown territory.

With the retirement of the Sedins a year ago, Vancouver was without a captain for the first time in franchise history last season. Whether or not that is changed before the puck drops on Oct. 2 against the Edmonton Oilers, is still unknown, but there is one player that appears to be prepared if they become Henrik’s successor.

The 2013 9th-overall selection just finished his fifth season with the club, playing in over 377 total games. After his most recent 61-point performance, he has cemented himself to be in the Canucks’ top-six forwards for as long as they will have him.

With all the players from the past success just a few years away from presumed retirement, Horvat appears to be the most logical option when it comes to naming a captain for this new group of young players in Vancouver.

He appears to be able to take the challenge and wear the new letter on his jersey, based on his quotes. Horvat seems to be unmoved at the mention of naming him captain, stating that it won’t change the player he is currently or the one that he becomes in the future.

As mentioned in Stephen Roget’s three-part series earlier this summer, Horvat appears to be the perfect candidate to takeover this honoured position.

It has become increasingly common for a team in the NHL to go without a captain. The Vegas Golden Knights in their expansion year reached the Stanley Cup Final without one and other successful teams in the regular season like the Toronto Maple Leafs and San Jose Sharks, are still currently without one.

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But following in the footsteps of Sedin, Smyl, Linden and Naslund, Horvat could be soon added to that list of prestigious Canucks to wear the second “C” on their jersey.

  • Holly Wood

    I suspect he will be named Captain during the Sedin ring of honour celebrations. Henrik will pass him a jersey with a C on it and rip the name tag off that reveals Horvat and his 53. Just hope that if he is on the ice the next time a teammate gets drilled from behind he does more than hope for a power play . Not answering the bell when Boeser got drilled by Lewis is a black mark as far as I’m concerned. He needed to send a message far more than the team needed a power play. And No I will not let this go.

  • B_Rad77

    Is anyone else tired of all endless chatter surrounding the captaincy? Its been pretty plain the Bo and his dad have been campaigning for it. Holly Wood is probably correct in his assumption that they will do the “pass the baton” type of celebration when they honor the Sedins. Wouldnt that be interesting if it was someone other than Bo