Canucks select Nils Hoglander 40th overall

With the 40th pick in the 2019 NHL Draft, the Vancouver Canucks selected Swedish forward Nils Hoglander.

Hoglander possesses great speed and used his skilled stick handling for Rogle BK in the SHL this past season. Playing his entire regular season in the top league in Sweden, the 18-year-old has experience against tough competition.

Standing at 5-foot-9 but doesn’t play like it at all. Using his physicality in the offensive zone to protect the puck, Hoglander was able to seem comfortable playing in a men’s league.

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It’s usually the top picks that visually seem to blend in against players much older than him, but Hoglander did not seem out of place in the SHL this season. Through 50 games played this season, he was able to score seven goals and 14 points.

His 14 points last season placed fifth among all under-19 players in the SHL last season — including 2018 first-round pick Dominik Bokk and overages Samuel Fagemo.

Hoglander was ranked 11th among European skaters by NHL Central Scouting, 19th at EliteProspects, and 29th by Future Considerations — was generally considered a first-round talent.

With the Canucks drafting this undersized winger with high-ceiling skill, it provides a solid addition to selecting Vasili Podkolzin with their first pick on Friday. Podkolzin plays extremely heavy but supplements that physicality with skill, while Hoglander won’t tower over anyone but still plays a hard-style game.

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The Canucks’ 2019 third-round pick was traded in the J.T. Miller trade, the next time they will be on the clock will be in the fourth round.

For more, read the profile on Hoglander at WingsNation:

NHL Draft Prospect Profile #21: Nils Hoglander

  • Gino über alles

    There were some defensemen I really had my eye on but this is a solid pick, he seems to have been in most people’s 1st round so this is a good choice.

  • EP40MVP

    would liked to have them picked matt Robertson or kolyachonok both solid Dmen but this kid isnt too bad yes he only had 14Pts/50GPs but he was playing against men good pick has less risk than say someone like jaimeson rees

  • Snoho

    What I glean from all the sources is that he is a puckhound, work out fiend, short but stocky, amazing stickhandling and good hockey IQ. Playing in a men’s pro league as an undersized 18yr old bodes well. Needs to work on his skating. Was hoping for a dman here but this seems like a reasonable choice.

  • speering major

    This seems like the type of player the lightning would draft. Plays bigger than his stature, fast, skilled, and strong on his skates. When you think about the additions of Miller and Podkolzin, this seems like a good mix.

    I also think the JB and his staff are looking for undervalued talent from outside N.A. Petterson, Podkolzin, Tryamkin, and this kid

  • Bud Poile

    “Love this guy,a steal in the second round.
    We have depth on the back end but if there was a good deal on a d-man we would have taken him.
    We took BPA.” JB

        • CamBurke

          Who is ”us” old f(a)rt sucker your dozen other bogus accounts, yeah.

          Like i said stop re-quoting copyrighted material from your ‘holy bible’ 650 or lose your account… the choice is yours,sparky………

          • Bud Poile

            “BPA early rounds
            BPA+ need in the later rounds

            Hoglander they really wanted.
            Silovs -high on his style.
            Keppen-were going to take him at #102 but rolled the dice.
            Jack Malone-good value.
            MacDonaugh-know him and have followed him.

            Get to interject and add opinions on trades.

            We will continue to pick best players available.

            Rafferty was identified by our college scouts.
            Rathbone took a step.
            Really like Woo.” Judd Brackett

            Benning speaks on JT Miller trade:
            “We targetted him for a while.
            JT Miller.26 years old.50 pts,a good fit for Bo or Petey.
            Good size and speed,smart.
            Top -six guy that helps our young guys.
            Good contract.
            He’s going to improve our team.
            Plays with an edge and has skill.
            We have lottery protection.

            We’re focused on adding one d-man in free agency.

            Next week we’ll be busy.
            Teams need to move money and prices will drop.
            Prices were too high to add a d in trade.” Jim Benning

            Hoglander-loved this guy,a steal in the second round.
            We have depth on the back end but if there was a good deal on a d-man we would have taken him.
            We took BPA.

  • j2daff

    in a vacuum i like this pick. The top ranked forward left on board. Seems like JB takes one of these guys every year, a very small player with high end offensive skill. Hoglander is the most talented of them though so hopefully he pans out so we can fill other needs. I think I may have picked a dman though at this spot myself but this might also be my favorite pick of this draft in a way….

  • Fred-65

    I will say this ( apart from the Miller deal where IMO JB s**t the bed ) the two early picks Podkolzin and Hogelander were both highly rated. Podkolzin ranked in the top 5 and Hogelander ranked towards the lower end of the first round, but none the less the 1st round. So coming into the draft with the 10th O/A pick they walked out with a to 5 pick and another 1st rounder which is pretty astute IMO. The rest of the picks I have no idea about