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Listen: J.D. Burke Joins Halford & Brough on TSN1040 to talk Elias Pettersson, Nikolay Goldobin and the Canucks Off-Season

As is becoming something of a weekly ritual, J.D. Burke joined Mike Halford and Jason Brough on TSN 1040 to talk about some of the storylines following the Canucks season.

They start with a little positivity, touching on Elias Pettersson’s historic success in the SHL playing with the Vaxjo Lakers. Pettersson just set the SHL record for points by an under-20 player with 55 points in 43 games, passing Peter Forsberg and Kent Nilsson. The only question now is whether Pettersson can keep it up if he makes the jump to the NHL next season.

After the Pettersson question, Burke is asked to take a step back and look at the players already on the roster. One such player, Nikolay Goldobin, has been a hot topic this week after sitting the final 15-minutes-plus in Wednesday’s 2-1 loss to the Arizona Coyotes. Brough has thrown the towel in on Goldobin, and it’s starting to seem like the Canucks are ready to as well if tonight’s scratch is any indication. Where does Burke stand? Well, he’s running out of faith in Goldy.

Part of the reason Burke’s faith is waning is the simple fact that the Canucks might be running out of room for Goldobin faster than they’re running out of patience. Before the Canucks re-sign the Sedins, which isn’t a given naturally, they have only one roster opening going into this summer and an obscene amount of cap space. There’s going to be a lot of player movement in Vancouver period.

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  • Cageyvet

    Good spot by JD. I can’t say I disagree with anything he said, which is admittedly rare for me, but I also try and remain as objective as I can, as an unabashed fan, and take each commentator’s viewpoint on a case-by-case basis.

    I don’t think there’s any doubt that to push the youth movement forward, there needs to be some changes in the forward group. The blueline is a logjam as well, but there’s less push from below, so it’s not as critical from a roster management point of view, but by all means upgrade.

    With the forward spots, I am definitely keeping the following players for next year:


    My second tier of forwards is going to have a bad contract because I’m a realist, and no Sedins because it’s a coin flip on whether they stay, and whether they should stay. These are players who I think we need to keep on the team OR demand significant value in return, as they have value to this team for sure:


    That’s 9 players, the twins could make 11, or 2 of Pettersson, Gaudette, Dahlen, Lind or Gadjovich could make the team.

    2 or 3 spots left maximum, for players who are definitely trade bait or on the bubble still, a couple of star Comets noticeably teetering on the brink. I use those spots for somebody from this group, if they can sell me on themselves enough in what’s left of the season, although Gaunce is at the top as already having shown the most utility, at least:


    Spare parts that I’d happily move on from, but am not offended by having around:


    A lot is riding on the Sedins. There’s no major risks in having to move on from the bubble players if they retire. If they stay, you start working the phones early and often, and try and put a package together to improve your defense. Move on from Gagner’s contract and a couple of players below the true keepers, packaged with a defenseman or two and try and get one true top 4 defenseman and some more picks. Maybe do that even if the twins do retire, but without the league knowing your hand is being forced, as JD noted.

    Once again, as much as I admire their contributions to this team, I’ve talked myself into thinking it’s best if this is the last hurrah for the twins. Finishing 23rd next year isn’t worth blocking the path for the youth, or not being able to maximize the return on assets we decide to trade.

    • Cageyvet

      It’s always good when you finish your comment by trashing it yourself…..there’s never been an edit button for that particular mistake. Now I have to give myself a cheer just to re-set it to even….

    • fretallack

      Anyone doing these lineups should also remember that the nucks will likely have 2 forwards injured on average at any given time. More or less. So there’s basically two other roster spots available.

      • TD

        But players going up and down have to waiver eligible and most of theirs aren’t. Players like Lind, Gadjovich, Dahlen, Pettersson, and Gaudette could go back and forth for injuries, if they don’t make the team.

        I’m okay with losing players on waivers if they are beaten for their spot on the team. I would prefer a trade to get an asset back, but if that’s not available and they are beatfor a spot on a team that’s been this bad, then I don’t think it’s a big loss. I would also lean heavily towards keeping young players if the competition is close.

    • Killer Marmot

      I would sign the Sedins for another year (but not longer) at $5 million (but not more). There’s room on the roster for next year, provided Benning doesn’t sign any UFA forwards over the summer.

    • El Kabong

      I’d like to keep our prospects on Utica for a year before jumping straight into the NHL. Of course there should be one of them that plays so well he has to make the team but I see no problem in having our youngsters play a year together before making the jump.
      I like Gaunce but I think next season he has to show some offensive upside so I’d give him another year before making the decision on his future with the team.
      Boucher, Goldobin, Dowd and Gagner should be shopped as I wouldn’t miss any of them.
      I love the Sedins but time for them to move on, or just for the heck of it bring one back,lol.

      • Killer Marmot

        There’s no way Petterson, Gaudette, and (probably) Juolevi should play in the AHL. The first two in particular have played in good men’s leagues and dominated. Now they need to play in a league commensurate with their abilities.

        Lind, Gadovich, Dahlen sure. There probably won’t be room on the roster in September anyway.

  • Burnabybob

    Interesting point about Pettersson playing mostly on the wing. If that’s his natural, most effective position, I wonder who will play center. Hopefully Gaudette is good enough to play second line center. If not, that’s a significant hole they will need to fill.