Babych Please – December 1st, 2017

Happy December, Canucks fans! The Canucks had a busy week celebrating milestones, playing baseball, and saying an unexpected goodbye.

  • Brock Boeser and Bo Horvat visited the NHL head office and MLB HQ while in New York. They got to play a bit of baseball, do some interviews, and do each other’s hair. The duo also answered questions about the team and said that Chris Tanev has the best hair on the team. Interesting.

Boeser’s Jim-from-The-Office reaction to Horvat’s dab is priceless.



  • Here is the Chris Tanev sock origin story you never knew you needed:

  • The Canucks love to lose soccer balls and usually when they do so they spend lots of time and energy retrieving them. Yesterday, they didn’t bother with the retrieval part and just played giant soccer. Looks fun!

  • The Canucks’ time in New York this week did not go all that well, but there’s still a nicely made video for us to watch. Those coffee-drinking slo-mo shots!
  • Derek Dorsett has announced that he’ll be hanging up his skates early due to his ongoing neck injury, and everyone is very sad for him. Dorsett seems like a super popular team guy and this must have been a difficult decision for him. Hopefully he can live pain-free and spend lots of time with his family!

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  • This young Brock Boeser fan made the right call when she ditched school to attend the Canucks game in Nashville. Stay in school kids, unless you have a chance at an authentic Brock Boeser hockey stick.

  • Boeser was also featured in the NHL’s weird highlight video, and his issues were giffed perfectly by Tumblr user k–itiaras. 

  • Finally, Daniel Sedin has 1001 career points now, and I’m emotional.