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Canucks Reassign Jayson Megna to Utica Comets

A week after the Canucks recalled Jayson Megna from the Utica Comets, they’ve sent the utility forward back down to join their AHL farm club.

Megna, 27-years-old, played in just one game for the Canucks during his week with the team, suiting up in Monday night’s 2-1 overtime loss to the Dallas Stars. Megna was held off the scoresheet in 4:18 of ice-time and broke even by the on-ice shot attempt clock.

In four games with the Comets this season, Megna has but one assist and is a -4. The Comets just finished a back-to-back set of games against the Binghamton Devils and Rochester Americans this weekend. Their next game is this Wednesday against the Charlotte Checkers. Unless the unfolding, complicated situation with the Comets and the veteran maximum forces Megna to the press box, it’s reasonable to expect that he will play in that game.

The move comes as Brendan Gaunce is set to re-join the Canucks following season-ending shoulder from the end of last year’s campaign. The Canucks also expect to have Alexander Edler join them on their upcoming road trip, and Loui Eriksson can’t be that far behind.

  • Holly Wood

    I suggested last week the Canucks should loan a few veterans to a AHL team in the Pacific division thinking it would alleviate the player problem in Utica, plus would make a few players immediately available to Canucks while they are playing in the Western time zones(50 plus) games a year. It was trashed multiple times so here I am suggesting it again. For the thrashers please explain what you don’t like about it.

    • defenceman factory

      On the surface this seems like a straightforward solution to a problem and may be worth some consideration. Perhaps what most had difficulty with is it needs more detail to evaluate feasibility. I kinda like the idea of lending out some players but not ones most likely to be recalled.

      The Comets would need to lend out veterans to help the situation and if the idea is so they can be recalled more readily you are probably lending out Rodin, Boucher and Holm. These guys and others on the recall shortlist remove a lot of talent from the Comets.

      I would not want to see young, developing players put under the control of another team.

      How feasible is it to lend a player to another team with the caveat they can be recalled to the Canucks at any time?

  • Dirty30

    So Boeser scores a hat-trick and fans get a recap from Cat that’s better suited to the litter box than a fan site.

    And while not one blogger on this site can show the tiniest bit of respect to fans by providing decent content and management of the trolls, there’s plenty of time to report on one player many fans would simply love to forget?

    So a player who couldn’t score three goals last season playing top line minutes with two Art Ross trophy winners gets highlighted, but a fan favourite who just scored three goals in one game doesn’t even get a mention? Really?

  • DJ_44

    Megna played decent in the the Dallas game, albeit he only saw like 5 minutes of ice time.

    I have said it before, the mindless fans that constantly harp on him are exactly that. Megna is a great depth player. He comes in, fills a bottom six role by playing smart hockey with speed that fits Green’s high pressure forecheck game.

    Was he misused by Wille last year? Sure. When the Canucks went into full on tank mode after the TDL, he didn’t have much choice.

    In other words, respect the player; he does his job.