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Canucks re-sign Brendan Gaunce to Two Year Contract

The Vancouver Canucks have re-signed forward Brendan Gaunce to a two-year, one-way contract today. The deal comes with an average annual value of $750,000 per season. The full press release from the signing can be found below:

With Gaunce signed, the Canucks have 45 contracts on the books for next season with Bo Horvat being the only remaining RFA to be signed. This is well below the maximum of 50 contracts and should allow the Canucks some flexibility going into the season in case trades or waivers claims become available.

Gaunce has been spending some of the off-season recovering from a shoulder injury that occurred late in the season, last year.

Obviously, Gaunce didn’t score any goals last campaign but did very well at controlling the shot differentials while on the ice.

Just a reminder that two-way/One-Way contract only dictates the compensation at AHL/NHL levels. Given his professional experience, Gaunce would be required to clear waivers to be assigned to the AHL. He may not start the season with a regular lineup role and be a 13th/14th forward, but he will in all likelihood start the season on the NHL roster and due to injury quickly be back in the lineup.

If Gaunce does find himself on waivers and is assigned to the AHL, there are no cap implications to the Canucks as he was under the maximum allowable salary to be buried, which is something I covered in July here.

  • wojohowitz

    Gaunce and Dorsett start the season on the IR `recovering` from surgery. Gives the Canucks a look at Goldobin and Boucher. No CA angst over the 45 contracts? OMG What are they going to do? Vegas has a waiver problem. Do the Canucks pick up Sbisa if available?

    • MM

      I like Gaunce and am super happy vegas took sbisa. My issue with Gaunce is that it’s his skating that’s supposedly holding him back, and yet he’s just STARTing to skate now? He has a shoulder injury and cant go to the Bo Horvat school of skating earlier?

      I hear he has all the other tools but i think he spends the year back in Utica unless he can build some wheels.

  • Nice. I see Gaunce replacing the role Brad Richardson once had as a reliable fourth line center. This is a compliment . Richardson did a good job for us and Gaunce will do the same. Good signing, fair to both sides.

  • Canucks Realist

    It’s great to see the legacy and hard work of Gillis and Gilman lives on with Gaunce geting a deserved new contract for us. With Horvat, Hutton, McEneny, Rodin, Markstrom and astute FA signing Christopher Tanev all set to lace em up for the big club next season, it really does prove that our most successful management team ever were in fact building a much more solid future foundation than LinBenning has. After all, one measly pick in four drafts on the team (Boeser) is hardly a ringing endorsement for the fake draft guru is it!

    • Cageyvet

      Blah blah blah, and if Benning had drafted him you’d be whining he was a 1st round pick 5, count them, 5 years ago and hasn’t plaid the equivalent of a full season yet, and has had one goal go in off his body. Don’t get me wrong, I like Gaunce and it’s a good signing, but your comments are, as usual, as ludicrous as they are biased. Get real, Canucks realist, McEneny is a long shot to lace them up regularly this year, if ever, Rodin is still unable to command a million a year, and Markstrom is what’s left after you bungle your star goaltending depth. I hope all those guys succeed and will thank Gillis for his part, but spare me your repetitious posts attacking current management. You’re extremely boring.

    • TheRealPB

      Gillis and Gilman “gifted” two very good players (Horvat and Tanev) plus a bunch of question marks and marginal players and almost zero draft picks to their successor. Gillis “inherited” the Sedins, Kesler, Burrows, Luongo, Schneider and several others — all in their prime. He did a lot with that, including surrounding them with some excellent complementary talent in Higgins, Hamhuis, Laperriere and a few others, but had many more swings and misses when it came to trades, drafts, and resignings. So let’s be realistic about what Gillis and co. bequeathed to us. Mostly they bequeathed an empty prospect cupboard, unmovable contracts for aging players, and a mess of a farm team.

      • Canucks Realist

        Yawnn… Dale Tallon built the Blackhawks but got fired because he couldn’t get them over the hump. The owner stepped in and Stan/Scotty Bowman brought the Stanley Cup to Chi-town 3 times – that’s hockey, that’s sport, the small print means nothing foo.

        Gillis and Gilman were also brought in by ownership after years of failure and delivered consistent playoff hockey and a game seven final – not too mention presidents trophies, division titles, a western conf title and the longest sellout streak in franchise history. The rest… small print, couldn’t care less. Nor could YOU when you were whackin off watchin it all unfold!

        • Bert

          Yah Canuck fans have a short memory, no one cares about drafting or f-ckin who makes what when you are winning. Under LinBenning we aren’t winning on the ice or off it. Utter sh*t show, no wonder so many fans are boycotting this garbage! The standings don’t lie and it has f-all to do with Gillis, Gilman or the ghost of Roger Neilson.

        • RoCkFaThEr

          C.R …… I feel sorry for you…
          I don’t know what you’ve been watching to compare hockey to wacking off to….
          But it must be disturbing.
          Best of luck during your transition!

      • defenceman factory

        I know it’s difficult to resist pointing out just how inane the posts are from Pat the Psycho Realist and the rest of his troll user names. As you have requested PB we mustn’t feed the trolls. It’s clear the facts and insight you provide are not going to penetrate the thickness of their ignorance.

  • Gregthehockeynut

    I seem to recall Gaunce tested first in fitness testing in last years preseason. This guy has earned this contract with a lot of hard work and if he breaks out the Canucks might regret singing this type of bridge deal. A good signing for keeping a big body on the roster though.

  • detox

    Gaunce has lots of developing left to do to prove he is an everyday NHLer.

    We are a bottom of the league team, I’m not going to get excited about a 4th liner signing a contract.

    Get Bo signed!

  • I would argue that Gaunce has the potential to be a really good scoring 2/3C. If you look at how Gaunce played in the AHL, he had pretty good hands, knew how to use his body to shield the puck, and showed tons of speed/hustle. The problem was Desjardins and his poor deployment/linemates. This contract should prove to be an exceptional value if Green gives him a chance.