Babych Please – July 28, 2017

The Canucks aren’t good at everything, but they are great at being dads!

  • The Canucks have a knack for picking up amiable Swedish back-up goaltenders. Anders Nilsson’s son turned two this week and Anders made sure that Spiderman attended the party. The Instagram caption was too adorable:

Happy 2nd birthday to my beloved son. What do you do when your son loves Spider-Man? You dress yourself as Spider-Man on his birthday party. Maybe not as gracious as the “real” Spider-Man but hey, it’s the effort that matters. Daddy loves you ❤️??

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  • Sam Gagner and Alex Biega both welcomed sons into the world this week. Congrats to both families!

  • Here is a video of Cooper Beckham meeting his new baby brother. The new guys are really going over the top with the adorable content.

  • Speaking of dads, here is an important gif of dog dad Bo Horvat towing little Gus around.


  • Young Jordan Subban isn’t a dad, but he is an uncle – a merciless uncle.

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  • There is almost nothing I enjoy more than a good Sedin throwback photo.

  • @CA, please stop the long running script. Everything worked fine without it.

    That photo of the twins is … bad.

    Regarding Messier, things could not have gone worse. Giving him the C was a bad move, alienating Linden and his supporters. That move alone divided the room and morale could not have been lower. Add to this his age and many injuries, this was a disaster, although he played well when he did play. I was pleased with the Messier signing at the time, thinking it would go well, but we all know how that turned out. His stay in Van has to be a low point, in an otherwise fabulous career.

    Also this, goodbye Christy Clarke, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. You won’t be missed. When the pipeline leaks, and it will, I hope it’s in your back yard.

    • RoCkFaThEr

      I gave you both a cheers and a trash.
      I only trashed you because of your comment on the picture of the Sedins, well, we all have those pictures in our albums that we’re not proud of.
      I cheered your comment on Crusty!

    • Silverback

      Sorry Bob, but we have jumped from the frying pan into the fire. Do you think of this pipeline issue when you get into your car to run errands? How do you think oil/ gas gets to Vancouver? On hockey related issues I usually agree with you, but not this one.

      • My main concern is an oil spill destroying our coast line, due to an increase in tanker traffic. Every time I visit English bay, Spanish banks, or Kits beach, I think about how great this city is, and how devastating an oil disaster would be.
        Pipeline leaks destroying aquifers is a real concern. Bitumen spills can’t be cleaned up.

        • Dude

          I think about all the oil and gas being moved through this province by rail and truck that could be much much more safely transported via pipeline, and yet there are people that would prefer to bring greater risk to our environment while claiming to care about the environment.

          • RoCkFaThEr

            China = $$$$
            Politicians don’t care about the environment.. they care about their big fat pension.
            The pipe lines in BC has nothing to do about Canadian citizens or the environment.
            China is going to take over this country without firing a single bullet.

      • detox

        Good points Silverback. The problem isn’t pipelines, it is companies running them and government monitoring. nobody wants to follow regulations, gov agencies often don’t want to enforce regulations because whichever minister is in charge is lobbied by those companies. it is a fecked up world.

  • jaybird43

    Ok, how about this: break up the Sedins this year. Two 37 year olds on the same line is too slow, even with the twintuition they have. Henrik with his amazing passes could benefit from two quicker wingers, while Daniel, with another faster winger and at least mid-range centreman, could bang in a lot of rebounds or arrive late at the post, a la Jarri Kurri style. I think they would both benefit in this case. Suggested line combos with that thought in mind anyone?

    • detox

      I am in agreement but it ain’t happening. Henrik still can be effective, Daniel is the big question mark. I thought he gave up on plays in the offensive zone only to see the puck end up in our net. If Daniel can get it together, they will be alright, if not they both should retire. They have been a package deal to this point, dont see that changing.