TSN’s Mock Draft has Canucks Selecting Cody Glass 5th Overall

Well, that didn’t take long. Mere hours after the final call at the NHL Entry Draft Lottery for the 2017 Draft, TSN’s Craig Button put together a mock draft based on the newly selected order.

TSN’s resident draft guru and prospect expert, Button has the Canucks using their fifth overall selection on Portland Winterhawks centre Cody Glass after Nico Hischier, Nolan Patrick, Miro Heiskanen and Gabe Vilardi.

Glass, a productive, playmaking 6’2 pivot finished this season with 94 points in 69 games (32 goals and 62 assists). The Canucks have been scouting the Winterhawks extensively, and every indication is that Glass is the main draw.

When Button last released his monthly draft rankings for March, Glass ranked seventh. Whether by organizational need, movement elsewhere or Glass’ play in the WHL playoffs and U18 Tournament, Button has the Canucks grabbing him two spots higher at fifth overall.

Glass is also among the three players I profiled as being in the consideration with the Canucks first pick in the upcoming draft.

  • Sandpaper

    Would be pretty happy with Glass at 5th. I think he would be a perfect fit, whether he is a 1st line Centre or not, having 2 #2 centre’s would still be pretty good moving forward.

  • I would like to know if Glass’ performance this year is an anomaly or an indication of his skills going forward? It’s like Virtanen getting 45 goals in his draft year, he didn’t even come close the next year. Moreover, if it goes Patrik/Hirschier/Vilardi/Glass, do the Canucks draft Mittlestadt, do they draft a defenceman or a different centre?

  • wojohowitz

    Here`s the case against drafting a defenceman with the number 5 pick. The Norris Trophy winners over the last ten years plus Weber and Burns.

    Nic Lidstrom Drafted 1989 53 pick overall

    Zdeno Chara 1996 56 overall

    Duncan Keith 2002 54th

    P K Subban 2007 43rd

    Erik Karlsson 2008 15th and 7th defenceman picked that year

    Drew Doughty 2008 2nd

    Shea Weber 2003 49th

    Brent Burns 2003 20th

    Only Doughty worked out because defencemen are as a rule late bloomers.

      • wojohowitz

        What it means is there are unanswered variables that are unknown at the time when teams draft teenage players, like (1) Can he process the game at a high level because at the highest level he only has a half second to make a decision. (2) Does he have a high threshold of panic control or will he make a blind pass. (3) Can he become `dynamic` in the way Karlsson and Subban are dynamic. (4) Can he dominate the ice by physically punishing opponents who come near him like Weber and Chara.

        P.S. There are no guarantees in life grasshopper. LOL

    • TD

      I agree. You outlined the Norris Trophy winners, but you could look at it the other way and look at the number of top picks used on defensemen that didn’t work out. That is a big list.

      • Neil B

        Depends on what you mean by “didn’t work out”. Defencemen taken in the first 5 picks have historically *all* played at least 100 NHL games; with forwards, it’s just a hair over 95%. 12% of forwards taken in the top-5 historically have turned out to be replacement-level NHLers; a hair short of 9% of defencemen are the same. However, your odds of getting an impact player is higher for forwards (74%) than for defencemen (65%).

        Either way, it’s not a ‘big list’.

        • Spiel

          If you consider a norris trophy winner a home run, then yes it is harder to hit a home run with defensemen at the top of the draft. You can hit plenty of doubles and singles though. Especially if you take the first defenseman in the draft class.

  • I-dont-give-a-puck

    Vilardi, Liljegren, or Glass please. Don’t take Mittlestadt. Buy choosing to play in high school again he’s proven he puts his wants first. I would bet money he’ll put his time in college and become the next Vesey. He will sign with the MN Wild.

    • Sandpaper

      Mittlestadt has poor 5v5 numbers, so using the same reasoning from this site as to why you don’t take Rasmussen, the same should apply to Mittlestadt. Liljegren no thanks, if we take a defenseman Heiskanen is the guy at 5. IMO.