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Canucks in on Aston-Reese

Set to turn 23 years old this August, Zach Aston-Reese has made a name for himself playing for Northeastern University.

Over the course of his 145 game NCAA career, Aston-Reese has scored  goals and tallied 82 assists, for a total of 148 points. This past season, he scored 31 goals and 32 assists for 63 points in only 38 games.

He led the NCAA in goals (31), points (63), and shorthanded goals (4).

Now, it appears that the young man is looking for an NHL contract and has quite a number of teams chasing him down. According to Ryan Kennedy of The Hockey News, as many as 15 teams are showing interest in the “power forward [who] puts up points [and] works hard.”

Aston-Reese has been described as a a true 200-foot player.

“He’s a complete player, a 200-foot complete player,” his coach Jim Madigan says.  “Each year he’s worked on parts of his game to get better, and a lot of it’s been on the offensive side of it with his shot and stick skills, but he works at it, and that’s why he’s gotten better. I mean he works at shooting after practice, participating in the goaltender sessions twice a week, so when you do that over the course of four years, good things are going to happen because you’ve worked on your game.”

The Canucks have strong ties to the NCAA right now. Prospects Thatcher Demko, Brock Boeser,  Adam Gaudette, William Lockwood, Chris Tanev and Troy Stetcher all played, or are currently playing in the NCAA.

Not a bad repertoire of players coming from the college ranks as they all are showing promise in their development.

If the Canucks were able to pick up Aston-Reese, he would be a welcome addition to a prospect cupboard that is beginning to fill up nicely for the Canucks. The work they did at the deadline coincides with that, as they were able to swing deals to bring in guys like Jonathan Dahlen and Nikolay Goldobin,


What the scouts say

He’s a smart 200-foot kind of a guy. He doesn’t have a ton of size, but he plays bigger. He’s heavy on pucks, he’s responsible, he’s diligent, he works hard along the walls and he goes to the dirty areas and he’s got some jam. The offense has really come up in the last couple of seasons, especially this season, that’s what’s getting a lot of people’s attentions, but the foundation is there. – Kirk Luedeke, Red Line Report



  • The Flash⚡

    If canucks get him to a contract along with gaudette and boeser they have start an AHL line of…

    ZAR Gaudette Boeser

    Playing in college is like developing in the AHL since ur vsing same age group. AHL is better tho and should give the trio a nice ride in the AHL playoffs for the comets. Green will work wonders for them all.

  • Robin

    ZAR is a good shot I guess. I would definatelly try to get him, as he has a potencial and Canucks is great destiny for NCAA players. But I’m a little bit worried, that McJesus factor will come out again, like with Caggiula. ZAR also attended 2016 summer prospect camp with Oilers – they are favourites.

    • crofton

      There is that obviously, but another question is, and may be even more important to these young men…will they get to play? Edmonton is pretty loaded with forwards. The other downside to signing with Edmonton is cap space etc. When McJesus is given his $12 m/yr contract, and others like Draisaitl, RNH and others needing healthy raises, how do you fit in?

    • I am Ted

      Isn’t ZAR from the Vancouver area? That might help. Also, Canucks will allow him to compete for top 6 as the Sedins will be done soon and there are openings.

      Canucks have a large group of decent prospects which may entice college guys. Adding Shore should demonstrate how much need there is at centre. Sutter should be shut down, Granlund is also looking hurt. Henr1k also didn’t look overly sharp.

      To entice ZAR, Benning will probably have to offer an NHL contract which is fine. Hopefully Boeser will accept a try-out offer so Canucks don’t have to burn a year of his entry deal – have to consider there will be another expansion team and the rumour is 2019 so don’t burn those years until you have to.

  • Steamer

    “It’s so fun to come into a team that has a total buy-in on what the coach is selling.” – Alex Burrows in today’s Ottawa Citizen. Sounds like he came from a team without “a total buy-in on what the coach is selling.” Quelle surprise.

  • Braindead Benning

    I don’t blame Jimbo for going after an older college players after all this is the same genius that gave us virtanen, McCann, Juolevi… when we could have have the Nylander, Pastrnak and Tkachuk.. Draft guru my @$$ MG would have done a better job if he had finished close to the cellar such as what this Tool had done… this is not high sighted…this was mentioned at the time… anyway the bar is set so low that everyone is super excited cause we have a couple of new shiny prospects by jettisoning a couple of very popular good players… this should have been done after the embarrassing Calgary series..

      • Braindead Benning

        Lol..It’s a Typo their “Special Bud” anyway, I am more concerned with your safety and if you are wearing your helmet and mouth guard while typing ???

      • Braindead Benning

        Hey “Bud” did you read when I stated that MG would most likely would have drafted better then Dim Jim? If you haven’t then you should…over and over again.

        • I am Ted

          Hey idiot, if you think Gillis would’ve drafter better than Benning then you’re a bigger moron than we all thought. Gillis was a brutal talent evaluator. Also genius, go look at any team’s drafting history – they miss more often than they hit. A moron like you would already write off Juolevi and praise Tkachuk as a superstar even now. Grow up, you sack of sh!t.

          No, I am not a huge Benning fan but he is way better than Gillis.

          • Braindead Benning

            Wow… love the anger in your post princess..” moron…idiot and my favourite sack of $hit” … gotta hand it to you I am cretin ted..your @$$ must be jealous from all the $hit that came spewing from your mouth… keep it up pumpkin lol..

  • Locust

    Freud – Challenge still not accepted while hypocrisy remains high. Nice combo.

    Says the guy who picks a moniker of someone who has dick and mommy issues … coincidence … Hmmmmm….