Report: Miller to remain with Canucks

According to Sportsnet’s John Shannon, Ryan Miller will remain with the Canucks. 

Ryan Miller is in his final year of a 3-year deal that has seen him make $6 million a year. In his time with the Canucks, he has played in 135 games posting a 62-57-14 record.

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He has posted a .914 sv% and a 2.63 GAA in that time. 

With the Canucks looking like sellers this year having already traded Alex Burrows and Jannik Hansen in seprate deals for picks and prospects, rumours were swirling Miller was next. 

Just last night, he was linked to the Calgary Flames and San Jose Sharks. 

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  • TheRealRusty

    The facts are that Demko is 1.5-2 years away from paying on the big team and Markstorm has not proven himself capable of handling the 60+ game workload which a #1 goaltender is expected to play. I would like to see Miller signed to a cap friendly 1-2 year contract (Markstrom money sounds about right) and unprotected (if we must then a limited NTC that kicked in only after the expansion draft). If Vegas picks him then it’s a win win scenario for both parties as he gets to play closer to his LA home and we get to keep another one of our younger assets. We can always sign a free agent goalie for tandem work with Markstrom next year in this scenario.

    Now that Hansen has been moved, I would also hope that GMJBTL explore possible trade options for Sbisa even if it means retaining a bit of salary for this and next year. I would assume that contenders loading up for an extended playoff run will have a need for an extra 3rd pairing defenseman who is having a bounce back season (sell high on Sbisa!). I would even take a 2nd/3rd round pick back if it means that we get to expose Gaunce or Biega to Vegas. The alternative is that we will lose him to expansion for nothing.

  • JuiceBox

    A 5-team list isn’t much to work with to begin with and it’s even less when its likely that three of those teams are southern California teams that have their contending situations pretty well figured out.

    Miller’s start last night was pretty much all the proof we needed that a deal wasn’t going to get done.
    Of course it is possible that a team was interested and wouldn’t give in to Bennings demands and they could circle back around at the 11th hour.

    • Donald's Hat Trick

      Why pay him $4M when there is no market for him? The team’s lack of salary cap space has handcuffed them in terms of the types of moves they could make. Offer him $1.6M and play him 30 games, and no one can complain when Guddy gets the +$2.4M that was saved.

      • Killer Marmot

        There is most certainly a market for Miller. He is a premier NHL goaltender.

        All that today’s developments means is that there was no desire to TRADE for a few months of Miller’s services at the price the Canucks were demanding. But come the end of this season when Miller’s contract runs out, there may be substantial competition for him.

  • Rodeobill

    Miller is still a great goalie. He is a team player, and probably the best goalie in the league on breakaways/shootouts.

    A young, developing team will need the confidence of having this in net to not always be afraid of making mistakes. We sign him reasonably for a couple years is the best case scenario.