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What the hell are the Canucks doing, why ‘staying the course’ is best option for the Leafs, is Stamkos feasible for Wings, how the Jets scored goals this year, Ralph Krueger a front runner in Calgary, Taylor Hall isn’t so bad after all, salary cap futures for most teams, all kinds of draft news and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by DraftKings.

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In the Roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise. Note* This article is posted across all Nation Network team sites so comments are an open forum.

Leafs: How to sleazily acquire Sami Vatanen

Sorting out the muddle on the Leafs defense

Salary Cap future: Toronto Maple Leafs

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The Leafs can easily trade up in the draft, but for who?

Why ‘staying the course’ is Toronto’s best option

Canucks: Under the radar free agents to consider

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The market for right handed defensemen and Gudbranson

What the hell are the Canucks doing??

Asset management and defensive defensemen

Because it’s the cap: Vancouver Canucks

Red Wings: Is signing Stamkos even feasible?

Report: Datsyuk on verge of signing 2 year deal with KHL team

20 years ago: A rivalry unmatched – Wings vs Avalanche

Jets 2015-16 – Where did the goals come from and go

Jets and potential Jets shine in Russia

Report: Geoff Ward and Ralph Krueger Flames coaching frontrunners

Flames: Is Puljujarvi at #3 worth “blowing away” Columbus?

Because it’s the cap: Calgary Flames

Oilers: How often was a Top 4 D-man on the ice?

Salary cap future: Edmonton Oilers

Is there a trade fit between Edmonton and Buffalo?

You’re not so bad after all Taylor Hall

Oilers: Adding size on the cheap – Scrap of the week

More from around the Network…

Draft eligible players taking part in the Memorial Cup

Nation Network’s 2016 Draft Profiles #30-#60 Summary

2016 Draft: Which Swedes fit the 51% rule

Because it’s the cap: Columbus Blue Jackets


  • The GREAT Walter White

    After the Sharks won the Western Conference for the first time, Thornton was asked what the difference was this year; his answer was: “coach Deboer”……

    Good times!


  • madjam

    The article :how often was a top 4 defenseman on the ice was most interesting . If Oilers can add 2 more top 4 defenseman , without stripping away it’s useful offensive core , then they will climb up the standings . Not only will offence increase markedly and accordingly , but also defensively as well . Creating any further holes by trading away any of it’s offensive core will just push the problem around again despite the better defense .

    The first major upgrade should come from dealing our first overall outright or moving it in a swap . Outright might even get a top 1-2 defenseman even if a small sweetener is required . Second top 4 can be had several different avenues and trade scenarios of players , picks ,etc. not part of basic youth core . Chia wants now players and thus he has a lot of options at his disposal without ever having to bust up the core .

    Once 2 new acquisition to defense are made just watch Oilers start moving significantly upwards . It is unlikely any of the youth core offensively will not get better under this scenario considering the thrust of new additions to the defense .

      • madjam

        Let us barter to help our teams out . Oilers 4th give or take a slight sweetener one way or other for one of Gio , Brodie or Hamilton . Straight up deal basically no swapping of first draft picks leaving you 4th and 6th pick I believe . What’s a reasonable offer from your side ?

        • The GREAT Walter White

          Gio for Hall….

          But I think Chiarelli is gun shy after the Reinhart debacle…he has missed out on a few good, big , young RHD since then.


          • madjam

            Simple no , as loss of Hall leaves a much deeper hole for Oilers than just Gio can provide . Hall is just coming into his best years , Gio unlikely to do so .

          • Bananaberg

            Gio for Hall is hugely weighted to CGY, given the age and salaries of the players. Gio is a Top 2 dman on just about any club, to be sure, but CGY would certainly have to beef up the offer (ie. include picks, and likely another D prospect) to entice EDM.

            Chiarelli isn’t the most prudent GM in the league, IMO, but I also think that EDM values Hall as their 2nd best player behind McDavid.

            Also, is it worth it for CGY to create a huge hole on Defense just yet? I know we have some good depth (Kylington and Andersson) coming up, but they aren’t ready for Top 4 roles.

            Maybe a good goalie (Andersen, Fleury, Reimer) would make it palatable to lose Gio, but it’s hard to say. Have to also factor in that the rumor mill has been suggesting that a Subban/Hall deal is more appropriate, value wise. Gio has 4-6 good years left (fingers crossed), while Hall and Subban have 10+.

          • madjam

            The only thing that might work is Yakupov for Wideman . Oilers not about to move Hall when his contract (paramount) is long and very reasonable , and he is still improving . Gio and Wideman will be basically on their down years .

          • KH44

            Yes, Gio will be on his down years, but is significantly better than what Edmonton currently has. A great defenseman starting his decline has to be better than no defensemen, right? And even in the decline, he would still be good, as so much of his game is based on decision making and not speed. Whereas Hall, while still improving, is what getting a number 1 defenseman costs. In terms of talent and youth, the Oilers are going to lose any trade for a defenseman they make. Forwards are plentiful, even young ones, and defenceman are not. The point is they are dealing from strength, and so even if they lose the deal, they make their team significantly better. I include Wideman and Yakupov, because that helps both teams fill a need. The Oilers get two defencemen, which helps next year, and buys time for Nurse and Reinhart to develop. Wideman then walks, and one of the young guys can step in. If the Oilers are going to miss the postseason again, Wideman becomes a deadline chip. Look at what Gio can do for development, too. He has played a large role in Brodie’s growth and development, which is huge. Having Ference as a mentor was fine, but Ference was aging out. Gio still has years to help guide the blueline.

          • madjam

            Hall type players with good contracts and upside are very rare don’t kid yourself . How much did Gio and Wideman help you as a team to get where you are at ? You overvalue them . Oilers have defense weakness no doubt , but their are far better ways to upgrade than start using someone like Hall . Example with Ottawa already overspent on defense and having to pay to a huge raise to C.Ceci . He might be available if Oilers offered their fourth pick . He’d make a good upgrade to our present R side defense and we’d still have Hall . If your our GM , the decision is pretty obvious .

          • freethe flames

            Ottawa will resign Ceci; you might get Dion for the 4th or Hall don’t kid yourself. You mention we overvalue Gio and you indeed may be right but I think Oiler fans over value Hall and RNH. Fans tend to do this.

          • Bananaberg

            We all would jump on that deal, but trading Wideman is EDM doing us a favor (salary reduction, open spot for developing players, etc). We’d need to add quite a bit to get Hall. This deal is far off.

            More likely ask from EDM:

            Gio + Wideman (retain salary in final year) + 6th pick + prospect (Andersson or equivalent) + 2nd rounder


            Hall + 4th pick

            I’d consider the above as CGY’s GM. Maybe try to replace Andersson with Wotherspoon and the 2nd rounder with a 4th. Not sure EDM would go for it though.

            I think most people on the CGY website are over-valuing Wideman, even considering EDM’s immense need for Top 4 dmen. CGY should jump at the opportunity to trade him, even for a 2nd round pick (or more), since we can use the picks to work on a deal for Andersen or another starting goalie.

    • Gary Empey

      Signing two top four defencemen is always a good plan, it does have it’s limitations. The real defensive problem was stated by Oilers coach. “No one wants to backcheck”. One of your top draft picks agreed with the coach, saying it true I don’t like the defensive part of the game.

      In today’s game you are seeing 3 and 4 man rushes by fast skilled players carrying the puck. To expect two defencemen to take the puck off them and make a nice stretch pass is not realistic. If you give them the time these guys will generate a nice scoring chance on any two defencemen in the league. If your forwards aren’t backchecking, it is up to the coach to teach them. If they simply refuse or are not able to do it, then you have to decide if you have room for a floater. Just my opinion. I don’t see the Oilers often enough to know who the worse offenders are. I imagine the Oiler fans have a pretty good idea.

      If management can resolve that problem the Oilers will be a tough team to play against. Their own three and four man rushes are frigging hard to stop now, even with good backchecking

    • madjam

      Hall and McDavid are probably the only untouchables on Oiler squad , and would take a vast overpayment to tear them away . Your offer would not get Hall . It would cost Oilers another 8M plus to adequately replace Hall if they could find a UFA to come here . If not , then they would most likely have to pay more than Hall’s contract plus more vital players to get that person . Calgary’s defense loss could be covered adequately for much less . There are the odd players on pretty much every team that are worth more to their incumbent team than even their value on an open market . If your a Flames fan would you give up Gaudreau , Monahan and Bennett for Karlsson and Ceci ? Sounds like a reasonable trade perhaps , but Flames would be left with little to no offense , and cost to get the offense back could well be monumental and way out of team budgets reign .