Canucks Army to Co-Host Vancouver Hockey Analytics Conference 2016

We here at Canucks Army (specifically myself and MoneyPuck) are organizing the first Vancouver Hockey Analytics Conference (VanHAC) along with two Simon Fraser University professors, Tim Schwartz and Oliver Schulte. There have been a number of hockey analytics conferences around North America over the last few years, including in Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Washington DC and Rochester. Other than a few small meetups in Calgary and Edmonton, this will be the first truly West Coast Hockey Analytics Conference!

This conference will be held on Saturday, April 9th, 2016 at the Harbour Centre, in downtown Vancouver. It is an all day event and includes a data scraping workshop. There will be smaller activities planned that weekend, which we will update you on as the information is solidified. 

For now, watch the Conference Website and if you are interested, make sure to register, as spaces are limited!

What else can we tell you now?

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We are still six months away from the event, so we don’t have a line up of speakers to announce yet. Past events had some great talks from people of all levels of hockey analytics.  I presented in Ottawa and talked about the methods and difficulties of drawing CHL data for prospects. In Washington DC, MoneyPuck presented some early work for the Prospect Cohort Success method. 

Various members of the media and of NHL teams have been known to attend these events. Based on early discussions, it’s likely that this will be true for Vancouver’s conference as well.

As mentioned prior, there will also be a data-scrapping workshop at the end of the day. It will focus on teaching attendees how they can find data themselves for their own research and development ideas.

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If you are interested in presenting at this conference then head over to the VanHAC website where you can find all the instructions to do so.


Space is limited at 200 persons with spaces being reserved. If you are interested in attending, make sure to register early.  The cost is free, but donations at the door are greatly appreciated and will go towards covering the cost of the room rental.


It’s going to be a fun and enlightening weekend with some of the current greatest minds in hockey analytics. Make sure you sign up early if you wish to attend. The talks will be great and so will the many events that pop up around the events. With so many people in town, we’re bound to watch a hockey game or two somewhere! Hopefully we’ll see a bunch of you soon.

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