Top-5 weirdest Zack Kassian moments from his Canucks career

Photo Credit: Sergei Belski/USA TODAY Sports

A lot of people will tell you that nobody won the Cody Hodgson-Zack Kassian trade and statistically speaking they may have a point. 

In my opinion, however, the Canucks won the trade because intentionally or not, Zack Kassian is hands down one of the most entertaining players in the league. Kassian was born to play in a time where everything is giffable. Here are his top 5 funniest and strangest and Zack Kassianest moments as a Canuck.

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5. “I don’t even bake”:

Zack Kassian’s goofy demeanor set him up for constant jabs from Kevin Bieksa. The best came on the road in 2014, when Bieksa tested Kassian’s algebra skills and shared Kassian’s non-existent baking knowledge.


4. Appealing his case:

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One of the most recyclable Kassian gifs features his sarcastic applause of the referees. 


Courtesy: Reddit

Kassian didn’t exactly excel at keeping his feelings to himself during his time in Vancouver. 

At 1:54 of this mic’d up video, he asks the linesman for an explanation, to which the official responds “We’ve gone over this, haven’t we?” Kassian then explains that he’s still mad about it. Then, when the linesman says that he likes the Predator, but not Kassian and Richardson, Zack offers a simple, “fair enough”.

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3. The hair:

Though it did not stop him from attempting a playoff mullet, Kassian is very aware of his receding hairline:

tumblr_mwj8cwoPgV1s5n077o2_250  tumblr_mwj8cwoPgV1s5n077o1_250


Zack Kassian’s hair’s best moment was when it prompted this, from the always chill David Backes:

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Courtesy: bloozehockey.tumblr.comi

2. Magic hands:

We will probably never know what Zack Kassian discovered on the Canucks bench in early February of 2015. It could have been some sort of unknown magic, some Sedinery-lite, or a newfound sense of balance. Maybe it was just, like, the concept of hands in general.  

He scored that night, so whatever he was up to worked. 

1. The celebrations:

Immediately following the hand thing, Zack Kassian’s went on a tear with the Canucks that also brought a number of celebrations as indescribable as the man himself. 

Prepare yourself, Montréal.



  • BuffaloBillsOfHockey

    It’s a shame, really. Like the White Towel posted earlier today, he could’ve been Vancouver Royalty.

    Instead he kept getting told of his “need to earn it” and to “be more consistent”, etc. all while watching Linden Vey walk in and get chances on the first power play unit – among other non-earned privileges – just because he’s Willie’s boy. All the while, Kassian was stuck playing with Brad “carry me!” Richardson because the brass thought that he was a good influence on the younger player.

    It’s a nice idea, but if you’re going to go the route of pairing him with a “mentor” or “big brother”-type, why stick a young, offensively gifted forward with top six potential with a career 4C to learn the defensive game? That’s like pairing a child prodigy with a janitor to learn about real-world chemistry. A better match would’ve probably been putting him across the dot from Chris Higgins (admittedly still more of middle six player, but hey, he’s probably the best two-way LW the Canucks had during the Kassian era) so he can properly learn the defensive aspects of the game from a fellow winger and veteran who “knows how to act like a pro” and is at least in the same ballpark as him in terms of skill level. This approach would’ve carried the added benefit of being able to shop Burrows or Vrbata (or possibly not sign the latter, depending on when this was done) to make the team both younger AND cap friendlier. Oh, well. You know what they say about hindsight.

    If this had all come together for Zack – regardless of how it was achieved – he could’ve one day, a few years down the road, after the Sedin era, been the 1RW wearing the C as a quirky, fiesty, funny fan favorite. Alas…

    I just hope we don’t have to live with the regret of watching him turn into the Canadien’s answer to Lucic and Neely across the next few years.

  • BuffaloBillsOfHockey

    Apologies: this comment was originally a device-induced double post that most people get trashes for doing. ATTENTION EDITORS: please give users the ability and privilege of deleting their own comments for these exact situations. I saw a guy who posted the same thing like, five times in a row today on another article. This needs fixing badly!

    • d.sampson56

      Interesting note the front office was fired including capologist gilman, whats interesting is they did it after free agency and draft day. From the outside it looks like maybe someone went to the aquilinis about team direction maybe and were all relieved of dutys. Otherwise they would get rid of them before draft day. This team isnt going anywhere fast, buckle down season ticket holders another rocky ride is coming

    • BuffaloBillsOfHockey

      Helps if you can do some algebra though. Or know that how many muscles are in the quadriceps… (Four! It means goddamn 4!)

      But in the spirit of the article, it was highly entertaining watching a giant, crazy man child play hockey

  • BuffaloBillsOfHockey

    bieksa, booth and kassian kibitzing in the locker room….those were the days…not much danger of KB losing any verbal battles there…spot-picker indeed…:) good jokes. there’s gonna be a pretty big hole where bieksa was on this team. now he’s off to join guzzler. good thing he made it easier with the actual hockey playing the last couple of years. how did he get so slow so fast? he’s not that old fer crissake.

  • wojohowitz

    Here`s what the mistake was with Kassian; Buffalo sent him down to the AHL where he played 30 games in one season, then they recalled him and traded him. The Canucks sent him down where he played 29 games and then they recalled him.

    What they should have done was leave him in the AHL until he learned his job – maybe two full seasons in the AHL and Kassian would have learnt what was expected of him. This is the message Benning has sent to all his young players. When we think you are ready we will recall you – but not before. And now it is too late because of waivers.

  • wojohowitz


    It has not worked out for Jensen. In fact I am surprised he is still on the roster. He sat in the press box during the playoffs and he would appear to be demoralized by his situation. Benning`s comment was he has holes in his game. Can he be successful in the NHL or is he headed back to Europe as another wasted draft pick?

  • wojohowitz

    Within a year Kass will be scoring 20 goals as he becomes the net front guy.
    In a year, Prust will be 32 and grinding his way through six-game loss streaks.
    Bright side. Canucks will draft sixth again.
    They will avoid the available skill to go with size.

  • wojohowitz

    Such a waste. The difference in skill between these two players is painful. Kassian is probably going to have a better defensive impact than prust through offensive puck possesion anyway.

    Prust is tougher eh? Well last time I checked Kassian was still a 6’4 monster who wasn’t afraid to drop the gloves.

    Zack Kassian in his prime will be a sight to behold

    But yah know I guess we got Prusts leadership qualities, cause there’s no chance Kassian will ever be a leader. (And prust gets scored on like the old 4th liner he is)