Babych Please – February 12th


Months from now, we may be saying that last night’s dramatic victory over the Chicago Blackhawks was the emotional high that led to the emotional letdown that led to the Canucks missing the playoffs. But right now, it is time to bask in the warm glow of victory and our phone screens as we watch the vine of Zack Kassian’s goal celebration over and over and over again. 

  • A lot of good things and bad things have been said in response to Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin’s gross and unacceptable comments about the Sedins. One thing that we can all agree on, though, is that the Sedins own. Personally, I’ve never identified with anything more than I identify with this old poll question:

  • Zack Kassian is unpredictable. After Saturday’s non-reaction to his tap-in goal, he went wild against the Hawks. This takes over as Zack Kassian Vine Of The Week (sorry, Magic Hands Zack):

Look at how angry he looks! Luca Sbisa will never want to assist on a Kassian goal again!

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 10.13.35 PM

Man of the hour. @zkassian9 #Canucks

  • Eddie Lack’s stellar performance in Chicago was almost marred by Hossa’s late goal. He got the win, though, and shared a post-game hug with his dad. 

The only way to make this cuter is to translate their Swedish:

@VanCanucks They’re speaking Swedish
Eddie said “It was a bad last goal”
Dad: “It doesn’t matter”

  • More dad stuff. Bent Hansen is an adorable Danish man who has been waiting for this invitation for the past 8 years. Rob Higgins is exactly what you’d expect a New York firefighter to sound like: 
  • Chris Tanev blocked a shot with his face and it got gross:


  • Watch Daniel’s OT winner and then the dad’s reaction. At first glance, Bieksa is the best part, but Tim Horvat’s hops are pretty adorable.  



  • Radim Vrbata even reads newspapers like a stone cold killer:


  • Luca Sbisa was featured on the NHL’s official instagram page and the caption got weird:

Take me with you!

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  • And while out with a broken hand, Kevin Bieksa has learnt a lot about himself. Well done, Kevin:



  • The Canucks welcome the Bruins back to the scene of the sad times on Saturday. Whatever the outcome, the Canucks cannot come out worse than PK Subban did against the Bruins in NHL15.