Canucks Army Post Game – Rock You Like a Hurricane

I am back to cover the post-gamer for Canucks Army because of the very inspiring words of dear leader Rhys, “I’ve asked everyone else – there’s literally no one else to do it”.  But nonetheless, as a power-forward blogger I gave it my 110%, competed hard and watched the game.

Sportsnet’s Dan Murphy said the wise words before the game, “The Canucks offence is better with Ryan Miller in net” – I am not quite sure what it means, but it seems to have held true.  The Canucks came into Raleigh and faced the Hurricanes tonight; despite being tired from a road back-to-back, and playing Miller again, the Canucks shut out the ‘Canes and won 3-0.

Read past the jump to see what went down.


Quick Hits

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 9.37.09 PM

5v5 Shot Attempts Chart

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 9.36.54 PM

  • Some what expected, the Canucks looked a step behind in this game, but the Hurricanes did not have the puck luck to come close to a win.  The first period the Canucks managed a 34.38% Corsi while the score was tied (11-21); in the second they decided to show up and outplayed the ‘Canes with shot attempts 20-17 (54.05%).  Then, score effects took over in the third period and the Canucks were outplayed for the rest of the game.
  • Scoring was spread over all the lines today with Derek Dorsett, Shawn Matthias and Alex Burrows scoring similar goals where they went one-on-one with the Carolina’s netminder Cam Ward (whom Twitter reminded us is bad) and scored.  Burrows’ goal was particularly odorous, and Ward did not play in the third period as he was pulled.
  • Ryan Miller was given the start in this game, despite having played the night before, because coaches love to play the hot hand.  This seems to be an old notion with hockey that is fighting analytics the hardest.  Yet when Lack earned a shutout in December against Pittsburgh, he was not gifted the start in the next game.  Miller did not look like he was having the greatest night technique-wise, he seemed to be reverting to his old habits and even had to go to the old pad-stack in the second period to make a save.  But hey, it worked.

  • With Luca Sbisa a healthy scratch (Praise David Booth!), Frank Corrado was back in this game paired with Dan Hamhuis.  Corrado received 14 minutes of Time-On-Ice (TOI) but was a -19.14% in Corsi Rel. 
  • In Dan Hamhuis first game back with the Canucks he give over 19 minutes of TOI and was a -26.55% Corsi Rel – it always takes a bit of time to get back into the motions when returning from an injury.
  • Bo Horvat played 12:28, was a +7.11% Corsi Rel and won 6 of 11 face-offs.  It was one of his and the 4th line’s better nights in a while.
  • Linden Vey was playing in this game while young Invincible Power Forward Zack Kassian sat out the second consecutive game as a healthy scratch.  

  • Kassian may get his chance to get back in the lineup next game though, as Brad Richardson was sighted on crutches after the game.
  • A shout-out to the Comets who played tonight.  They dominated the Milwaukee Admirals all night while trailing as the first shot against Jacob Markstrom went in the net.  It took the Comets 50 minutes to finally put a goal past Magnus Hellberg, only to have the Admirals break the tie with 33 seconds left to go.


The Canucks have the weekend off with their next game not until Monday.  It will be another afternoon game for you on the West Coast as the Canucks will be in Florida to face the Panthers.  The Canucks will go up against Roberto Luongo, Willie Mitchell, and Shane O’Brien, who recently shutout the Canucks when they visited Vancouver just last week, for the second time this season.

The Canucks will be looking to get their revenge and show they are able to score more than once on their old netminder.  It won’t be an easy match up as the Panthers are in the top half of the league in terms of Score-Adjusted Corsi.  We’ll see if the Canucks new found PDO hot streak continues in Florida.

  • Brent

    This “PDO Hot Streak” is courtesy of Ryan Miller. Actually he’s been keeping it afloat recently.

    Liked his game, especially early on when he slowed the game down and froze everything while the team got their legs.

  • wojohowitz

    I thought I saw something a little different in this game. Richardson was promoted to second line center and he made a difference.

    The third line was Mattias, Vey and Bonino. Coach Willie was sending them a message. In effect he was telling them; `All three were on the bubble`.

    • andyg

      I don’t now how promoted means Richardson gets the fewest ES minutes of all forwards – but that’s probably due to injury.

      But the 3 guys you mentioned played equal or even more minutes to the the guys you would consider as the top 2 lines.

  • andyg

    I’m curious if it’s Willie who doesn’t like Kassian, or if it’s Benning. My guess is both. Honestly, I don’t care anymore. I don’t care if he’s banging teammates wives (Kesler did for years and still stayed on the team as a 2C). I don’t care if he’s partying at the Roxy on the weekends (it’s his time, teams can’ dictate players lives. Look how well it went for Benning with Seguin). He’s better than any player in the Canucks bottom 6, and some in their top 6. He’s the only guy who can pass on the tape, the only guy who can drive play via advanced stats. WHO IN HELL BENCHES YOU ONLY POSITIVE POSSESSION BOTTOM PLAYER IN FAVOR OF A NEGATIVE ONE? Honestly, it’s an honest question. A rookie coach. That’s who. A coach, or a GM who doesn’t see that this team is rocking some of it’s worst possession stats since 08/09.

    Gee, I wonder why?

    It’s time for the rookie coach and rookie GM to get their heads out of their as#$$. Canucks only get to play cupcake eastern teams once a season, and have to play the dominant western conference for the rest. Time to play your best players (YES THAT”S KASSIAN CANUCKS NATION), and sit the plugs. Send Horvat back to Jr, he’s better off there any an freekin’ team who understand advanced stats WILL TELL YOU THE SAME>

    Rookie Canucks management and coach is ruining this team.

  • pheenster

    Again a scratch eh?

    Memo to Kass,

    Watch Alex Burrows play. He missed a shot that was fed by BAdd and the camera caught him on the bench slamming his mitt on the boards saying something that rhymes with Puck.

    Later he scores and it’s a tough earned goal. Every time he scores seems like the last goal he will ever score, because he wasn’t a first round draft pick! Sometimes I think every player should go to the ECHL…. To see what it is like?

    3 coaches 3 box seats….. If we can get something? Pull the tigger Benning. We have a 6’4 softie in Jensen and how many do you need? Jensen’s shot is wicked, not his passing ability!

    • andyg

      I agree. Kass was handed too much too soon. He has yet to show a willingness to earn it on the ice. What he does have going for him is he’s big and doesn’t eat cap space. That isn’t a lot at the moment.

      • andyg

        I agree that he doesn’t each much cap space, but at 2.5 mil he is way over paid. In the offseason he will go to arbitration and probably earn more. I wish someone could get to the guy, but 3 coaches all have the same opinion, he doesn’t play a team game.

        Mattias stepped up and showed some grit which this team needs. They rely on pure goals way too much. Nice one timers, cross ice passes ect, but good teams don’t give those up. They need guys that will take the shots in the back, slashes to the legs and pucks to the grill to score in close. That’s not Kassian!

        He wants to be Adam Oates and he ain’t Adam Oates

  • pheenster

    I don’t think it’s possible that the Kassian situation could be any worse. After outscoring our opponents 7-0 with him in the press box despite arguably being outplayed, mgmt is probably thinking benching him is a great decision and maybe even that we don’t really need him.

    If they really are shopping him, it’s hard to fathom how they have handled it. They should be giving him the CoHo treatment and putting him on the second line with Bonino and Burrows (or Vrbata). He should be given a chance there anyway but if they really do want to trade him, why the hell are they not showcasing him? It’s like ‘let’s erode his value as much as we possibly can before moving him.’ Idiots.

  • pheenster

    I gotta hand it to Coach Miller for choosing to play a couple games against two of the more difficult teams in the league. That’s exactly the type of leadership you want to see from your superstar goalie.

  • andyg

    This Kassian thing. If they were really trying to move him then he would be playing. He is not 19 and just learning the ropes. It should not matter where you get drafted or what your skill level is. If a player does not come to play every night then someone takes your place.(Vey has been better)

    They are using the same approach in Utica. It is part of development. No one gets a free ride.

  • pheenster

    To the gentleman who wrote this article. How exactly do you criticize Miller for getting a shutout… And what old habits did he revert to? it seemed like he was playing deeply within his crease to me. Also it seems pretty obvious that the team would be more comfortable with Miller in net b/c he has been a very good goaltender for a long time. And lastly to further discredit for gift for analyzing a game outside of looking at a spreadsheet. The Burrows goal which was “particularly odorous” deflected off the defenseman’s stick… I guess maybe you missed that trying to pencil in your most recent venn diagram.

  • andyg

    Looks like Kassian’s days are numbered here. He has all the skill but no heart or consistency. I guess he’s been given opportunity to work his way up but it hasn’t happened. That kid has to be on drugs or something…sheeesh…opportunity blown.

  • andyg

    Anyone seen No Mo Mo?

    I was wondering if the Canes were the team he wanted the Canucks to look like? So they could battle Philly/Canes/Buff and Oil for the top pick? Seems like two of those teams won’t be in the Top two spots to draft a generational talent. Knowing 2015 hockey…. Bet McDavid goes to Canes. Bettman likes the great talents go to terrible Sunbelt teams. Stamkos anyone?

    • andyg

      “He wants to be Adam Oates and he ain’t Adam Oates”

      No sir. He’s looking more like John Oates these days.

      “Anyone seen No Mo Mo?”

      He’s been around. I had a light troll session with him yesterday. He’s probably replacing the Luongo poster in his basement with a Miller poster.

        • pheenster

          Hall and Oates where the best band ever and No Mo Mo is the best disruptive force in the Western Conference since Marty McSorley!

          If No Mo Mo was Hall and Oates manager he would totally dump Oates and hope for a better pick next year? Like Cory Hartt!
          I where my sunglasses at night, but Private Eyes are watching you…..

          Hockey is way too serious sometimes! Love all hockey fans!