Babych Please – November 23rd


Welcome to this week’s edition of Babych, Please! Today, we’ll pay homage to the greatness of Daniel Sedin, investigate whether Alex Edler and Brian Elliott are secretly the same person, and take a look at all the actual people the Canucks signed this past week.

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  • Daniel Sedin will play his 1000th game on
    Sunday, and to celebrate this, here is perhaps the greatest off-ice, sans-Henrik, weird, and underappreciated moment of
    Daniel Sedin’s career. He’s not mad, he’s just disappointed. If anyone knows the context for this, please don’t enlighten me.

  • For real though, the Canucks posted a video of Daniel’s first goal. Trent Klatt and Mattias Ohlund forever. 

  • Dan Hamhuis’ injury is a blow to the Canucks
    because the team will now have to play without one of their best blueliners. They will also be without their best ‘Dad who is hesitant about video games
    but doesn’t want to seem old fashioned, so he’ll give them a shot’? Look at
    that form. (via




  • Meanwhile, Alex Burrows seems to have made yet another enemy:


  • The question on everyone’s mind: is Alex Edler
    actually Brian Elliott? Sportsnet certainly thinks so. 


  • Have they ever been photographed together? Surprisingly, yes!

01-29_22 elliottpg-vertical

  • Case closed. Brian Elliott is not Alex Edler’s secret alter-ego. 
  • There are so many ways to thank your defense partner for helping you out, but nothing says “Thanks for turning my -39 into a +2” or “Thanks for making sure I get paid this summer” quite like the huddle cuddle. Aww! (gifs via jordanschroeders)
tumblr_nfbme5UxTB1s5n077o1_250 tumblr_nfbme5UxTB1s5n077o2_250

  • Shoutout to whoever noticed this adorable Instagram post from Bo Horvat’s girlfriend. Way to out-do every snapchat ever, Bo. Aww x2.
Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 12.12.09 PM

  • And finally, Kevin Bieksa offering Eddie Lack’s mask to an enthused crowd, and Eddie Lack offering Kevin Bieksa to a concerned and hesitant crowd.

  • andyg

    Another big game for the New Canucks, both in style and no missing Hammy, team D will be very important. Aren’t many teams out there better than the Hawks.

    One of the main things I hope to see is this team start to get a jump at home. Even the President Cup winning teams seemed to play sluggish at home. I know the Canucks fans aren’t the most vocal, but if the team gives them are reason to get out of their seats they will.

    This team isn’t the biggest or fastest, but when they work hard, they create turnovers and get a lot of quality chances. The 2nd period vs Anaheim showed what they can do! One of the most entertains periods in a while.

    Also hope Bo sticks past the next two games. Playing defense and winning face offs will keep him in the NHL, while he learns how to play big minutes vs big time competition. In London he would just waste a year of development. Guys like Shinkaruk, Jensen, Kassian ect need to learn how to do the things Bo does well already. Be responsible defensively and be physical. Keep up the good work Bo.