Babych Please – October 11th


Welcome to the first of what will hopefully be at least a handful of my round-ups of the Canucks off-ice adventures. Ideally there will consistently be enough material here to distract from the inevitable goaltending controversy, broken defensemen, and general despair throughout the season.

Read past the jump for our first installment of your new favourite Canucks Army feature, Babych Please!

  • In an unexpected turn of events, the Canucks’ goaltending situation is a hot topic coming in to this season. While Eddie Lack is a favourite to take home the award for Coolest and Most Fun Goalie, Ryan Miller’s case deserves to be acknowledged. On the Facebook page for Catwalk for Charity, Miller can be found dressing up in various costumes. Some highlights: 
    • Ryan Miller the sheriff:

        • Ryan Miller the rock star, complete with sleeve tattoos that are actual cotton sleeves:

        • Ryan Miller, ringmaster:

        • And finally, Ryan Miller, ringmaster with a tiny dog:

        • This season we say goodbye to #boldmoves and hello to #boldpredictions. The Canucks were asked to put their powers of foresight to the test and Eddie Lack’s optimism has outdone itself, predicting 25 goals from Tom Sestito. Sestito’s expectations, while still lofty, aren’t quite so far-fetched – he’s looking for 55 points from Alex Edler and 5 shutouts from Lack. Nick Bonino’s bold prediction is that he’ll be able to tell the Sedins apart by April. This will hopefully result in some creepy staring, something Bonino has proven to be good at. The highlight of the article is Shawn Matthias’ prediction for Bonino to hit the cover of GQ, based on the fact that, “he’s pretty stylish and that old man style is coming back. His style is kind of like a Peewee Herman meets Brad Pitt, so it’s creepy, but also a classy cool look because he’s got good shoes. Does that even make sense?” No, Shawn, it absolutely does not. The full article can be found here
        • Tumblr user jordanschroeders has blessed the hockey world with this gif of the Canucks trying their best at blind dodgeball. First we have Eddie Lack, desperately holding on to his Bieksa-shaped shield. Then there’s Alex Edler, adjusting his goggles and seemingly oblivious to the fact that he has narrowly missed dodgeball death, while Daniel Sedin stands in awe of his own reflexes. In the background, Bo Horvat wanders aimlessly by. The full video is worth a watch. 



          • He couldn’t choose between Alex Burrows and Zack Kassian for worst dressed. The most important bit of this video comes when Bieksa reveals that last year, Torts told Kassian to go and change into better clothes. NHL revealed let us down by not getting that on film. 
          • Wyatt Arndt previewed Canada Post’s next stamp series, a Canuck-themed follow up to their Original Six series from last week. I for one am thrilled that Eric Weirich’s yellow visor has returned into my life. The rest of the stamps can be found here


          • Because we all need to see Kevin Bieksa’s butt being grabbed
          • Bo Horvat, Nicklas Jensen, and Hunter Shinkaruk will not be playing in Wednesday’s home opener, but they did get to check out the Vancouver Aquarium. Horvat’s description of the outing is pretty much the best:

          • Jensen also posted a video to Instagram of a dolphin doing dolphin stuff, giving apparent dolphin enthusiast Zack Kassian the opportunity to share his feelings on dolphins:
           Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 1.35.36 PM

          • And finally, watch  Trevor “cool dad” Linden doing his best Shea Weber impersonation as he explores the Jake Milford Golf Tournament in a golf cart. Jim Benning is present but is about as talkative as one of those fluffy socks that golfers put on their clubs to keep them warm. 



          The NationDrafts charity pool is back! Once again, it’s time to flex your hockey brain, build a championship team, and take a run at some fantastic prizes.  The cost to enter NationDrafts is $20, and a portion of all proceeds will be going to help the Inner City Children’s Program.  To enter the pool, head over to and build your championship team from the boxes provided. Seems easy enough, right? Prove it! Internet infamy awaits you.