Journal of Hockey Analytics: Volume I Issue 5


Welcome to this week’s Journal of Hockey Analytics. I have payed attention to the links flying across the Twittersphere all week to bring you the latest and greatest (and maybe some terrible links, don’t hold me accountable!) in the field of hockey analytics research. Hopefully this will either help with your next project, or just act as a resource for killing another slow day at work.

For analysis on why Jonathan Quick hasn’t been very good, Stanley Cup Final goodies, some more analysis on why people should stop overrating Quick, and more — continue past the jump.

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  • Cam Charron has some really interesting thoughts on icings and how we measure puck possession [CanucksArmy]
  • Garret Hohl writes who on the Jets are being most affected by their +/- statistic [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • With the Stanley Cup Final commencing, many people have looked at analytics between the Rangers and the Kings. Dimitri Filipovic thinks that Quick isn’t consistent enough to be considered elite [Sporting News]
  • Ryan Lambert also thinks Quick has been bad [theScore]
  • Chris Boyle thinks Quick is too prone to mistakes [Sportsnet]
  • Nick C writes about the underlying numbers in this series [Jewels from the Crown]
  • Timo Seppa makes his predictions on the Final [Hockey Prospectus]
  • Tyler Dellow thinks that the Rangers could win the final [Sportsnet]
  • Eric Tulsky thinks the Rangers could win the final as well [FiveThirtyEight]
  • Neil Greenberg looks at how the Rangers can even up the series [Washington Post]
  • Justin Bourne has some good systems analysis on how the Kings won the first game [theScore]
  • Neil Greenberg thinks that Ryan McDonagh has been the best player these playoffs [Washington Post]
  • Axel Fant-Eldh looks at the deployment of the Rangers defencemen [Blue Shirt Banter]
  • Corey Masisak writes about why the Kings are so good at possession []
  • Neil Paine also thinks these Kings have disappointed advanced statistics [FiveThirtyEight]
  • Neil Paine thinks these Kings are better than Gretzky’s [FiveThirtyEight]
  • Garret also weighs into the Stanely Cup Final prediction [Hockey-Graphs]
  • Ian Cooper analyzes the final as well focusing on the goal tender match up [DoHA]
  • Similar to how I’ve been writing about the success of Fenwick-Close Last-7 to predict playoff series, Travis Yost writes about SAF Last-20 for the Rangers/Kings and all previous playoff series [Sporting News]
  • Don’t forget about the AHL Calder Cup Final – I analyze the two team using some analytics down in the AHL [NHL Numbers]
  • Mike Burse writes how the Ottawa Senators can build a playoff team [The Hockey Writers]
  • Garret Hohl writes how intuition and the eye-test can be failing you [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • Lyle Kossis evaluates Paul Martin and how his partners might be holding him back [Pensburgh]
  • Peter Tanner questions if changing coaches has any effect on a team [FiveThirtyEight]
  • Ryan Stimson writes how individual players in the NHL contribute to possession [Washington Post]
  • Tangotiger writes about Luck and MVPs [Tangotiger]
  • Romolus talks a bit about IPP in the CHL and CHL draft-eligibile prospects using a new tool from McKeen’s Hockey [The Oilers Rig]
  • Shift Chart talks about abstracting the game into visual shifts [lolo data]
  • Matt Pfeffer writes about the theoretical limit of shot quality [Hockey Prospectus]
  • Neil Paine weighs into the Hockey Dream team for $18 using GVT [FiveThirtyEight]
  • Tim Bayer takes a look at the 2013-2014 Toronto Marlies with a number of fancystats [Editor in Leaf]
  • Travis Yost writes about Christ Stewart and other “power forward” types [Hockey Buzz]
  • I use some fancystats to analyze the goalies within the Senators depth to try and guess the best option for the Senators to take for their crease [Silver Seven Sens]
  • Benjamin Wendorf analyzes over 60 years of 2-period Shot% data in the NHL [Hockey Visualized]
  • Tyler Dellow looks at Colton Orr and Greg Cronin and their zone-start effect [Mc79Hockey]
  • Dellow also looks at how Green vs Alzner/Carlson stop the opposition best [Mc79Hockey]


  • If you are in the Ottawa region, I am working on organizing an Analytics Meetup, check out the details and spread the word [Silver Seven Sens]
  • Everyone’s favourite sports writer Adrian Dater writes about how the online statistics are wrong [Denver Post]
  • Phil Birnbaum writes about a possible fatigue factor in the NBA for teams playing longer series in the post-season and advancing while facing teams who swept the previous round [Sabermetric Research]
  • Le terminology de les fancystats.  Merci a @HappyCaraT [Arctic Ice Hockey]

Remember, if you write anything in the NHL that deals with analytics, make sure to send it my way and I will include it in the next JoHA!