Canucks Army Weekly Prospect Reportlet – May 29, 2014

In this week’s report(let) we’re going to go through all of the latest relevant prospect news because, well, it’s nearing the end of May and we don’t really have much of it to begin with. When there isn’t news, we look for gossip, and when there’s no gossip, we make things up. Never let a fact ruin a good prospect narrative is what I always say to Dimitri (and anyone that’ll listen)!

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For Memorial Cup #FancyStats, the latest in Canucks and Comets news, read on past the jump!

Memorial Cup


Last weekend the Memorial Cup concluded, and London didn’t manage to make it out of the group round after failing to win a single game. It doesn’t look like it was a result of being a weak team as they had the second best possession-close of the four teams, but rather due to the lack of PDO help they were able to round up. They couldn’t put a puck in the net nor could they stop anything, and thus, they were left on the sidelines watching the exciting conclusion to the tournament like the rest of us.

Edmonton, who led all the teams in possession, needed an exciting triple OT (and longest game in Mem Cup history) to beat a fiesty Val-d’Or squad, before dominating Guelph and winning the tournament.

Team Wins Expected Wins 2p SF 2p SA Possession Close SF SA GF GA Sh% Sv% PDO
Edmonton 3 3 145 101 58.94% 231 189 20 17 8.66% 91.01% 99.66%
London 0 0 90 66 57.69% 138 109 4 13 2.90% 88.07% 90.97%
Guelph 3 3 101 115 46.76% 154 164 21 13 13.64% 92.07% 105.71%
Val-d’Or 2 2 70 124 36.08% 143 204 11 13 7.69% 93.63% 101.32%

Thoughts de Semaine

Not much has been happening around Canucks Prospect land, but here are a small collection of thoughts and links to help you through your busy work day:

  • CHL prospects drafted in 2012 have to be signed by June 1st. From that draft the Canucks have already signed Gaunce and Mallet. Hutton and Beattie are still in the NCAA so they have another two years, meaning that only Wes Myron needs to be signed, and with the way he has been playing I would honestly be fairly surprised to see him actually get a contract.
  • Ex-Comets defenseman Mullen, who was traded at the deadline for an NCAA prospect, was re-signed by the Ottawa Senators to a one-year two-way deal. Don’t be surprised to see more of him this Fall.
  • One draft prospect, Jake Virtanen, will be out until October with a shoulder surgery. Despite his name being mentioned as a viable candidate, there’s reason to be concerned about that potential selection given some of the other names that’ll surely be available at 6th overall. I’m sure there will be a Thats_Offside-esque hit-piece on him soon here at Canucks Army, according to my sources.
  • NucksMisconduct have ran their autopsy on Frank Corrado, focusing on his short NHL play.
  • With the recent signing of Anton Cederholm to his ELC, The Utica Comets have a short piece up on him.
  • The experts at Hockey’s Future have dished out the Canucks Prospect awards.
  • The Comet’s Aud has been ranked the 8th best Arena in the AHL.
  • Laurence Gilman recaps the Utica Comets’ season.
  • Jordan Subban was driving Hunter Shinkaruk around Toronto for stitches this week. Very exciting news to see them already bonding as a team!
  • In this week’s fake outrage: recently Bo Horvat has been boasting on Twiter that he is off to Jamaica. I don’t know about you but I believe there are no ice rinks in Jamaica. How can Horvat expect to train and be ready to make the Canucks camp this fall if he isn’t training? Sounds like to me he doesn’t have the compete level, drive or desire to be in the NHL.
Thanks for reading. This was a slow week, as you may’ve noticed, but soon enough we’ll have a lot more draft-related stuff and the prospect business will be busy once again.

    • andyg

      Hey Claven, news flash. The folks you’ve been tirelessly trying to convince for all these years are what people call shills.

      It’s like watching you trying to fight a garbage fire with an eye dropper. The day you get through to the resident Canuck mouth pieces here is the day the Americans realize that slurpee isnt’ a fruit.

      Either you are part of the wrestling act or you love the pain. NM-SAD00. LOL

    • andyg

      I like the cut of your jib, son.

      That being said, looks like AV and his Rangers are going to the finals…one year after the Canucks throw him out. Maybe karma can do a DP karma and have Torts go to the finals next year too with another team.

      So I guess it wasn’t AV’s fault but the useless inept country club players that are STILL here. Well forget that, let’s go back to 2011 as Trevor Vanilla and his buddy Benning would say. They don’t even hide their BS anymore, to hell with everything, let’s take another step backwards. I’m sure the NHL will arrange itself for the Canucks to have a weak conference again.

      The Canuks doing nothing but shooting themselves in the foot yet again. I am Furer Vanilla, all heil my mediocrity!

      • andyg

        Wow you are a true moron!
        So you see the fact that AV lead the Rangers to the finals as the common denominator instead of the fact that Torts captained that ship to under achievement by alienating top players and running them into the ground. Sound familiar??
        More than a few times these playoffs I have heard announcers say that Torts Rangers teams would be worn down at the end of games and definitely at the end of series.
        Fact is that if Luo would have played like Lundquist in 2011 the cup would have been in Vancouver. Amazing what a GREAT goaltender can do for a coach!

        Just go back to the Edm and Cal.. Boards and

        • andyg

          Wow you are a blind shill and a imbecile to boot. First round assaults by the Kings and Sharks long before Torts was here, one of them being a shortened season.

          ” too bad if luo would have played like lundquist…”
          Hahaha, too bad if your team would have played like a champion, they would have had a cup, but they’re not champions but chumps and no one supports chumps like you blind fans.

          Speaking of amazing goal tending, the rangers have it while you guys were breastfeeding Luongo, time to man up and admit you don;t know what the hell you’re doing. Misery deserves company and since you supported the team, you deserve all the misery it put out.

          Now find another excuse for next year and go back to Edm and Cal cause no one can accept this chump team being as it is was, unless they’re from Edm Cal.