Analytics Week in Review


Fancy. [via /u/remz07twos]

Every good researcher, regardless of their particular subject matter, should always be keeping up on the work that their peers are doing. Here is a weekly round-up of a number of different analytics-related pieces from around the internet. 

Read them for your enjoyment, to help you think of new areas of research, to determine the value of shot quality, or just to fill up your slow Monday at work!

Plenty of noteworthy links just past the jump!

In no particular order:

  • Eric T tries to measure forechecking and puck retrieval off the dump and chase [Outnumbered]
  • Rhys J looks at dump-ins vs. carrying the puck into the Offensive Zone in context of Junior Hockey [That’s Offside]
  • Andrew Hirsh looks at the usage of Dougie Hamilton and the success he has seen [SB Nations]
  • Robb Vollman who helped popularize the usage chart introduces one for Goalies [Twitter]
  • An analysis of THoR, which has been out for a while, recently has brought more attention to itself with its recent results suggesting that Crosby and Ovechkin are not in the top 150 NHL players [Washington Post]
  • Chicago and Toronto both gives us two completely different viewpoints on how they use analytics at the management level [Washington Post]
  • Chris Hext analyzes the possession values of teams in the Stanley Cup Playoffs so far [Two Pad Stack]
  • Dawson S reviews teams in the NHL this season who have been lucky, who have been good, and who have been both (and neither) [Don’t Tell Me About Heart]
  • James Mirtle looks at why goals go away in the second round of the playoffs with some data journalism [The Globe and Mail]
  • Tyler Dellow looks at situational micro data after the defensive zone draw is won in the previous season []
  • Matt Rudnitsky writes an opinion piece on why most people need to shut up about the so called “advanced statistics” in the NHL [Sports Grid]
  • There will always be opposing views of the status quo and that is what David Johnson is challenging on his latest post []
  • Here on NHLNumbers we looked at using possession values to preview the Calder Cup 2nd Round in down in the AHL [NHLNumbers]
  • Josh W looks at a number of different analytics down in the AHL for the Utica Comets [Canucks Army]

Message me on twitter if you have written something in analytics this week and I will include it next time!  If you are a user on reddit make sure to check out both /r/HockeyStats and /r/WatchingTheGame.