Canucks Weekly Prospect Report – January 8th, 2014

Courtesy of the Utica Comets Fan Club

Welcome to this week’s Canucks weekly prospect report, in which it seems like the Comets have been playing the exact same as the Canucks as they have not yet won a game in 2014. Then again, with all of the recalls to the Vancouver Comets Canucks one can’t expect too much else. 

There’s still good news in the other leagues, though, so make sure to keep on reading. As always, follow @nuckprospects on Twitter for the latest in prospect news and feed free to send me any feedback on anything prospect related you wish me to cover.

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Let’s get to it, shall we?



Friday’s game vs. Rochester, 5-2 Loss

On Friday the Comets started their week by playing the Rochester Americans in Utica. Despite outplaying Rochester through most of the game the Comets ended up falling by a 5-2 score with shots in favour of the Comets, 35-26. It was Cannata in net, as Eriksson had just returned from his backup stint in Vancouver, and Cannata only made 21 of 26 saves. Lain and Pelletier were the only goal scorers from Utica while DeFazio, Archibald, Grenier and Huskins notched assists. The Comets went 0 for 5 on the PP and 3 for 4 on the #POWERKILL.

Saturday’s Game @ Toronto, 5-2 Loss

Heading to Toronto for back to back games, Utica played the Toronto Marlies on Saturday.  While the game was much more evenly matched with the final shot count in favour of the Marlies 30-27, the Comets once again lost 5-2. Canucks prospects Lain and Grenier earned the only Comets goals. Sauve, Pelletier, Archibald and Mallet earned the assists. Eriksson returned to the net, untrumphiantly, make 25 of 29 saves. The Comets failed to score a goal again on the PP going 0 for 5 while the #POWERKILL went 3 for 5.  

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Wednesday’s Game – Delayed

Wednesday’s game @ Oklahoma City was delayed due to weather until Thursday night.

Players Performance

Players stats who have played at least one game with the Comets, (X) indicates not currently on the active roster, so far are:

# Player Pos Age GP G A PTS PPG SOG Sh/G +/- PIM SH%
78 Benn Ferriero (X) R 26 32 10 12 22 0.69 89 2.78 -10 10 11.2
10 Colin Stuart L 31 28 10 4 14 0.50 74 2.64 -4 26 13.5
28 Alexandre Grenier R 21 32 10 11 21 0.66 75 2.34 0 32 13.3
25 Darren Archibald (X) L 23 24 6 7 13 0.54 54 2.25 -2 48 11.1
17 Nicklas Jensen C 20 26 1 3 4 0.15 52 2.00 -5 12 1.9
23 Pascal Pelletier C 30 28 7 21 28 1.00 54 1.93 1 26 13
24 Brandon DeFazio F 24 32 2 9 11 0.34 60 1.88 3 57 3.3
7 Henrik Tommernes D 23 25 4 5 9 0.36 45 1.80 -13 2 8.9
14 Patrick Mullen D 27 26 6 5 11 0.42 45 1.73 -4 9 13.3
15 Jeremy Welsh C 25 5 0 0 0 0.00 8 1.60 -4 2 0
26 Frank Corrado (X) C 20 29 2 3 5 0.17 43 1.48 -2 20 4.7
4 Yann Sauve D 23 28 0 6 6 0.21 41 1.46 -10 35 0
16 Cal O’Reilly C 27 18 2 10 12 0.67 24 1.33 3 0 8.3
3 Alex Biega D 25 30 1 7 8 0.27 36 1.20 1 29 2.8
19 Kellan Lain C 24 32 7 4 11 0.34 37 1.16 0 80 18.9
29 Kent Huskins D 34 22 0 1 1 0.05 20 0.91 1 9 0
40 Peter Andersson D 22 26 1 6 7 0.27 21 0.81 2 8 4.8
12 David Marshall F 28 25 0 1 1 0.04 18 0.72 -6 9 0
27 Alex Mallet C 21 26 1 2 3 0.12 16 0.62 0 13 6.3
8 Alex Friesen F 22 10 0 1 1 0.10 6 0.60 -1 4 0

Goalies so far:

# Goalies GP Mins W L SL SO GA GAA SVS SV%
30 Joacim Eriksson 21 1206:05:00 8 11 1 2 57 2.84 540 0.905
35 Joe Cannata 13 719:23:00 3 8 1 0 38 3.17 308 0.89


  • Ferriero was called up to Vancouver
  • Eriksson recalled back to Vancouver
  • Corbeil called up from Wheeling to Utica
  • Archibald recalled to Vancouver


Currently the Comets are in 15th place with 25 points (11-18-1-2), only 2 points away from not-last-place with three games in hand. They have been out-scored 76 to 100 (-24), and have been outshot 886 to 948 (-62). They are controlling 48.31% (acknowledging score effects) of the shots with an on ice shooting percentage of 8.5% and a save percentage of 89.6%. A simple version of PDO puts them at 98.1% which has regressed this week due to goaltending and special teams. Their PP is currently at 18.75% (9th place) and their PK is at 74.02% (30th place), both of which continue to get worse. Puck possession rankings put them at 18th which is not as bad as their current record.

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Corrado had played two good games with Vancouver with a positive corsi, but with the California road trip he posted some horrible numbers (as did the rest of the team) and he is down to 35% Corsi For. That will change with more games, most likely for the better.

Utica will play @ Oklahoma on Thursday, then they are off to Texas, where they will play the top rank possession team, the Stars on Saturday. On Monday the Comets will play San Antonio before heading home.


Bo Horvat spent the week with Canada at the World Junior Championships. All said, he scored 3 points (1G, 2A) in 6 games with 11 SOG. Unfortunately, as the tournament went along he didn’t exactly shine.. 

An interesting point to note is that McEneny has almost twice as many PPG in 17 games with Kingston as he did with Kitchener. Just goes to show you what happens when you get more ice time and run on the special teams. 

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Name Position GP G A P PPG +/- PIM
Bo Horvat C 0 0 0 0 0.00 0 0
Dane Fox C 2 4 2 6 3.00 2 8
Brendan Gaunce C 2 1 0 1 0.50 1 2
Cole Cassels C 2 0 1 1 0.50 -2 7
Jordan Subban D 1 1 0 1 1.00 0 0
Evan McEneny D 3 0 3 3 1.00 5 7
Miles Liberati D 2 0 0 0 0.00 -2 4

And so far this year the stats of these players are:

Name Position Team GP G A P PPG +/- PIM
Bo Horvat C London 28 16 28 44 1.57 18 22
Dane Fox C Erie 40 46 29 75 1.88 31 81
Brendan Gaunce C Erie 15 9 6 15 1.00 12 2
    Belleville 22 10 16 26 1.18 -5 27
Cole Cassels C Oshawa 35 13 28 41 1.17 8 62
Jordan Subban D Belleville 38 8 22 30 0.79 4 37
Evan McEneny D Kingston 17 3 10 13 0.76 9 33
    Kitchener 15 2 5 7 0.47 -11 23
Miles Liberati D North Bay 16 1 0 1 0.06 -2 4
    London 22 1 3 4 0.18 5 18


It is quiet in the WHL with Shinkaruk still hurt and Cederholm not doing anything noteworthy. Portland is 2nd in the West with 54 points, while Medicine Hat is 4th in the East with 49 points.

Name Position GP G A P PPG +/- PIM
Hunter Shinkaruk (IR) L 0 0 0 0 0.00 0 0
Anton Cederholm D 2 0 0 0 0.00 0 2

And so far this season the players stats in the WHL are:

Name Position Team GP G A P PPG +/- PIM
Hunter Shinkaruk (IR) L Medicine Hat 18 5 11 16 0.89 -2 29
Anton Cederholm D Portland 40 2 8 10 0.25 14 48


Hutton earned a +1 with 5 SOG in a 2-1 defeat this weekend. Maine plays Saturday vs Boston U and then on Tuesday vs St. Francis Xavier. LaBate earned 5 SOG and a -2 in two games this weekend; Wisconsin will play on Friday and Saturday. Penn State did not play this past week, and will play two games this coming week on Sunday and Monday.  Beattie did not play in Yale’s game; Yale will play on Saturday night. Harvard played two games this week, and McNally earned 2A, +1 and 2 SOG.  Harvard plays on Saturday night as well.

Statistics of NCAA players:

Name Position School GP G A P PPG +/- S S/G PIM
Ben Hutton D uMaine 19 7 7 14 0.74 10 61 3.21 2
Joseph LaBate F uWisconsin 17 7 6 13 0.76 -3 50 2.94 2
Mike Williamson D Penn State 8 1 2 3 0.38 -1 13 1.63 13
Matthew Beattie F Yale 12 2 2 4 0.33 3 18 1.50 0
Patrick McNally D Harvard 9 1 8 9 1.00 1 22 2.44 2


Steven Anthony played two games this week earning 2Pts (1G, 1A) and 2 SOG. St Charles plays tonight and Friday. Guimond played four games earning no points. Gwinnett plays Friday, Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday. No news on Blain and his injury. Blomstrand and Pacan both had 1A in two games this week. Kalamazoo plays tonight, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday.

Statistics of players in the ECHL so far are:

ECHL Position Team GP G A P PPG +/- SOG S/G PIM
Blain (IR) D K-Wings 11 1 4 5 0.45 4 21 1.91 33
Pacan RW K-Wings 28 4 9 13 0.46 -1 48 1.71 10
Blomstrand LW K-Wings 28 8 5 13 0.46 -2 56 2.00 10
Anthony F CHL St Charles 22 4 9 13 0.59 -9 37 1.68 10
Guimond D Gwinnett 24 1 4 5 0.21 -11 56 2.33 10


Ronalds Kenins came back from his broken jaw injury. He played in two games and earned two assists. Good news for him as he was named to the Latvian Olympic team. He should be in Utica next year but was unable to join this year as he is under contract with Zurich.

Name Position Team Age GP G A P PPG +/- PIM
Anton Rodin W SHL Brynas 22 29 9 17 26 0.90 -4 22
Ronalds Kenins LW Swiss ZSC 22 27 5 13 18 0.67 11 12


It’s been a month but here are the Canucks prospects updated NHLE numbers:

Rank Name League GP Points Translation NHLE
1 Anton Rodin SHL 29 26 0.76 56
2 Dane Fox OHL 40 75 0.3 46
3 Bo Horvat OHL 28 44 0.3 39
4 Cole Cassels OHL 35 41 0.3 29
5 Brendan Gaunce OHL 37 41 0.3 27
6 Patrick McNally NCAA 9 9 0.3 25
7 Alexandre Grenier AHL 32 21 0.44 24
8 Ronalds Kenins Swiss 27 18 0.43 24
9 Hunter Shinkaruk (IR) WHL 18 16 0.3 22
10 Darren Archibald (X) AHL 24 13 0.44 20
11 Jordan Subban OHL 38 30 0.3 19
12 Joseph LaBate NCAA 17 13 0.3 19
13 Ben Hutton NCAA 19 14 0.3 18
14 Evan McEneny OHL 32 20 0.3 15
15 Henrik Tommernes AHL 25 9 0.44 13
16 Kellan Lain AHL 32 11 0.44 12
17 Peter Andersson AHL 26 7 0.44 10
18 Mike Williamson NCAA 8 3 0.3 9
19 Matthew Beattie NCAA 12 4 0.3 8
20 Yann Sauve AHL 28 6 0.44 8
21 Frank Corrado (X) AHL 29 5 0.44 6
22 Anton Cederholm WHL 40 10 0.3 6
23 Nicklas Jensen AHL 26 4 0.44 6
24 Alex Mallet AHL 26 3 0.44 4
25 Alex Friesen AHL 10 1 0.44 4
26 Miles Liberati OHL 38 5 0.3 3
27 Blain (IR) ECHL 11 5 N/A N/A
28 Pacan ECHL 28 13 N/A N/A
29 Blomstrand ECHL 28 13 N/A N/A
30 Anthony CHL 22 13 N/A N/A

Some extra reading for you.

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It’s been another interesting week with the goalie carousel affecting all the leagues.  There’s still been some good news with the play of Dane Fox, Ronalds Kenins to the Latvian Olympic team and the success of the NCAA players.  Make sure to follow me at @nuckprospects for all the latest in Canuck Prospect news.  Until next week!

  • Just One Cup

    Why was Horvat selected ahead of Nichushkin, Domi, Wennberg, Lazar, Rychel & Mantha?

    This was Vancouver’s best chance since 2008 to select a high ceiling talent and the Moneypuck GM goes with Ricky Romero…I mean Bo Horvat.

    A safe, low-development-time checker is the equivalent of drafting a limited ceiling college pitcher.

    While Jensen certainly shouldn’t be written off, the “it’s early” is starting to ring hollow with these draft selections.

    29 other teams have drafted and devloped an NHL regular with one of their 2008-2013 selections and many, many teams have done this with multiple selections…

    • The Real Slim Brodie

      Oh good lord the idiot is still here. Ugh.

      Well, it’s interesting how you’ve already slotted Horvat as a tier 2 player and believe those other players will be far superior NHL talent. Man, you are just a pure idiot aren’t you? I don’t think I have seen a more negative, ignorant guy on any message boards…ever. It just amazes me…really…unreal…

      • The Real Slim Brodie

        Wow what a real substantial response, thanks for so clearly dismantling his argument.

        In regards to NM00: We can´t judge any of the picks from the past year just yet. Of course those gifted with offensive talent are going to shred minor competition but offense is so much easier to get delusional about. If it was any proper indication then fans should be going absolutely mental that we managed to snag Dane Fox. Skepticism is however required for high-firing young prospects and the complete package that Horvat could be is, to me at least, definitely worth a shake.

        That said the availability of drafted players by the Canucks compared to the other 29 teams is absolutely inexcusable.

        • The Real Slim Brodie

          NegativeMoron00 isn’t really worth offering much of a rebuttle. It’s that asinine.

          I think the Canucks have a poor history of developing but it isn’t much worse than most teams (if you go do a basic analysis, it becomes apparent).

          I think Horvat is a solid pick because he projects to be a complete player. The type of guy that comes to play come playoffs – something the Canucks really need as of late.

          Anyway, it gets to be annoying when idiots keep posting doom and gloom…uninformed, ignorant comments. Ah well, I guess the world is full of these types.

        • The Real Slim Brodie

          Dane Fox tearing up junior as an overager is probably meaningless.

          Horvat was a questionable pick on draft day and moreso at the moment.

          He was the 6th forward selected and, arguably, there are maybe 8-11 forwards that ALREADY look like better prospects/NHLers.

          Horvat was quite likely selected because he can (fingers crossed) fill a need and fill it quickly as the 3LC.

          But wasn’t that what Gaunce was supposed to do?

          It’s no different than JP Ricciardi selecting Romero ahead of Troy Tulowitzki (among others) because he had butchered so many previous draft selections with his ass backwards risk aversion.

          And it’s becoming an all-too-familiar theme with this management team that all the 1st & 2nd round selections appear to be overdrafts…

    • Mantastic

      Hodgson, Corrado, and to a lesser degree Schroeder are all picks that have/are/could be playing regular NHL minutes. So thats 3 picks right there. If not for the injuries to Schroeder, and the lack of room on the blue line for Corrado, those 2 are both playing.

      Brendan Guance could challenge for a 3rd or 4th line C roll next season, and Bo is simply not mature enough yet. Add that to Cassels, Subban, and Shinkaruk who all look like they could make the jump and become servicable NHLers in the not too distant future.

  • JCDavies


    You wrote “They all have, at minimum, drafted and developed one of their 2008-2013 picks into an NHL regular”.

    You didn’t specify what quality of NHL regular you were referring to.

    Have you verified that all those 29 other teams have turned draft picks into players that are better than Colborne?

    If Holland, who is currently in the AHL with the Marlies, is an NHL regular, then Schroeder must also qualify.

    • JCDavies

      Just need to look at the links I provided in my last post. I also failed to mention the Red Wings also have a poor recent draft history. Unfortunately for NoMind00, facts often get in the way of all of his ‘theories’…what a shame.

    • Mantastic

      Holland has not established himself as an NHL regular.

      And even if he were, Anaheim is not benefiting from what he is doing in another organization.

      The same goes with Toronto and Colborne and Vancouver with Hodgson.

      Scan the rosters of 29 other teams if you don’t believe me.

      The Canucks are the only team not to have drafted and developed one of their 2008-2013 selections into an NHL regular for themselves.

      The fact that this management team sold low on Hodgson & Connauton is besides the point…

  • Just One Cup

    Jensen’s also been getting some insanely bad luck. No professional hockey player shoots under 2%.

    Jensen’s had a rough year – hopefully he figures it out soon. It’s too early to call him a bust yet – he’s still a young guy, he’s a big power forward type guy and they often develop slower (gee that’s an original sentiment) and he’s still adjusting to the North American game, and on top of all that he’s been on a crumby team with terrible luck. There’s still a lot of potential there – lets see where he’s at in a year or two.

  • Mantastic

    This is a depressing list, especially when you add that Bo Horvat didn’t exactly shine for Team Canada at the World Juniors.

    Jensen seems to be busting it up. Not sure why his production is so miniscule this year in Utica. The jump from the SEL to the AHL can’t be that big, can it?

      • Mantastic

        Drance would argue that SEL is a better league and that jumping from SEL to AHL should actually be a step down. also the Utica team consists of AHL plugs.

        • Mantastic

          The difference in skill level between the SEL/AHL is probably a wash.

          I think that the smaller rinks probably play a factor. Windows that might be there in the bigger European rinks would definitely close quicker in the smaller North American rinks.

      • Mantastic

        Well that is rather odd, no? Why have a minor league affiliate if you are only guy to focus on wins and not player development? Jensen should be playing top 6 minutes to see if he can handle the role.

        • Mantastic

          Yeah, I have no idea what the issue is in Utica. I would have put him on the first line as well as the first powerplay unit; here you go kid, show us what you got.

          However, I do recall Travis Green, Utica HC, discussing how Nick’s compete level needs to improve. So he’s getting Kassianed at the AHL level, I guess? Which is utterly stupid.

          • Just One Cup

            I dunno if getting Kassianed is such a bad thing, especially for younger players. Look at how good Kassian has been lately. Just watch him play. He’s not playing outside himself, has been making plays, etc.

            He is, to me, one of the bright spots of this season right now.

  • JCDavies

    No, it’s OK, I believe you. Just like I believe that without the 10th overall pick in the 2008 draft Kassian would not be with the Canucks and, suspension aside, Kassian has played in 39 of Vancouver’s 40 games this season. That sounds almost like an NHL regular…

    It’s a shame Vancouver wasn’t able to acquire an NHL regular with that 2008 first round pick…

    • JCDavies

      And Kconn was used to acquire NHL regular Derek Roy…

      This has nothing to do with Gillis’ trade record (not that the Kassian for Hodgson swap is something an apologist should be accentuating).

      Shockingly, you’re trying to find some reason to not be wrong.

      The Canucks are the only NHL team that has failed to develop one of their 2008-2013 draft selections into an NHL regular for themselves.

      But keep dancing…

      • Mantastic

        I actually don’t believe you. Supply me with proof of every single team in the NHL that has at least 1 player playing significant minutes and making some type of impact (otherwise whats the point), that was drafted outside of the top 10 (since the Canucks have not drafted inside of it in that time frame and we are making the comparison).
        I think you are full of $hit.

        There are quite a few teams who have their own prospects playing in their roster and many of them did it out of necessity not because those prospects were something special to begin with, like not having the cap space to sign free agents to fill those spots (see Chicago, Boston SJ). Then there are teams like the Oilers who fill their roster with their highly touted picks to keep their seats filled even though they continue to fail miserably.

        The Canucks have the same issue with the Cap but have chosen to go with players like Tanev, Stanton, Santorelli, Lack, and Dalpe, and last I checked those players are filling those roles admirably.

        Corrado was a player that everyone expected to make the team out of camp, and Stanton was supposed to be sent down. If not for Stanton Corrado is playing the 6. Not Weber or Alberts.
        And with our lack of forward depth, offence, and a playmaker not named Sedin, there is no doubt that Schroeder would be playing on the team right now. He played in 31 games last season contributing 12 points a +/- 0 and a 11% shot, that sounds like a contributing roster player to me.

        And like it or not this discussion is really about the organization finding the right players and developing them Well the Canucks have Tanev and Lack playing significant roles in their line up. Thats 2 players that signed ELCs in 2010. Who cares if they werent drafted? They were scouted and developed by the organization.

        On that note your argument that players that are were drafted and developed by the Canucks and then traded dont count holds zero logic.
        Organizations make trades to fill needs in their roster often using prospects in order to accomplish this. The organization used assets it developed to trade for other assets, thats how it works.

        The music has stopped but you are dancin’ away by yourself as you hum your own tune, what a surprise…

        • Mantastic

          you don’t claim someone off waivers to send them down to the minors (Stanton). you claim them to play for the big club…

          the majority of prospects an organization should have, should be found from the draft because that’s where the majority of the talent is found in the NHL. if you draft poorly, it only makes it worse to find replacement and/or cheap players for depth roles.

  • Mantastic

    Yeah I was really disappointed in Horvat’s play, mostly just how sluggish he looked out there. Realistically though, they throw all these players together a week before the tourney and expect them to just gel, which doesn’t always happen. It’s not like Reinhart and Laughton were ripping it up and Horvat was holding them back…

  • Just One Cup

    Well Gaunce is getting moved in that package for Kane so no worries there 😉

    Also heard Edler for Pacioretty rumours. Anyone know where that came from?

  • Fred-65

    The WJC is not the be all when assessing players. The ice size for one thing is a factor, the coach ( you ever look at the face of Sutter….every one’s having fun and relaxed what a miserable dude)

    Some player will be better NHL players than junior some don’t ( can any one say Alexander Daigle) Although I have no reason to say this but Horvat might be a better NHL player. I’ve hoped he would follow the development of Kesler, from all reports that’s who he compares best with. Gaunce personally is a better player than is has dawned on Vcr staff. He plays a smart game not a chasing game but staff have to see how it works to appreciate what he’s doing. Cassels Hutton LaBate and McNally IMO look like players that are hot and cold….hot against lesser opposition cold when push comes to shove.

    But all in all I can’t recall when this organization has had a better over all bunch of propspects.

    Jensen….looks like he’s hit a mental hurdle and I suspect he’s never been in that position before in his young hockey life. He either falls & stays down or gets back up and goes forward, it’s certainly a critical time in his career