Jordan Schroeder re-assigned to the AHL

Photo uncredited via the Vancouver Sun.

Jordan Schroeder is one of only two first round picks from the 2009 NHL entry draft who has yet to make his NHL debut by his third professional season, and that will continue to be the case at least through this weekend. The Canucks have made their final cut, and while Jordan Schroeder may have been the "right call" to make the team, the mechanics of the waiver wire have resulted in him being sent down to Chicago per a team release

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I’m sure Canucks fans will be disappointed, and Schroeder too, especially because he was kept in town several hours longer than his eight other Chicago Wolves teammates who won’t be on the 23 man roster to begin the season, only to be cut later in the day. But the speedy center was always a long-shot to make Vancouver’s roster.The writing was on the wall, I suppose, considering Mike Gillis’ comments from a couple of weekends ago about the team not having the same luxury to "experiment" with introducing young players to the NHL level in a shortened season as they might usually have.

At the end of the day, Andrew Ebbett has a longer track record as an NHL player and has proven to be reasonably productive in a second line role (when he’s had the opportunity) and can at least be counted on to make the safe plays that push the play in the right direction. Obviously he’s not a "Kesler replacement" or even much of a "Kesler bandaid" frankly, but he’s the safer bet than Jordan Schroeder and the decision is certainly defensible. 

In addition to those hockey-related factors, is the simple, inconvenient hockey-business related fact that Jordan Schroeder was able to be re-assigned to Chicago without having to pass through waivers. The other players on the roster-bubble – including Ebbett, Cam Barker and Jim Vandermeer – are NHL veterans who would’ve had to be exposed to 29 other clubs if they were to be the "final cut" on Friday afternoon.

We know from the way the Canucks have handled similar roster decisions in the past that the team is always wary of losing potentially useful depth assets. So while Schroeder impressed in team scrimmages this week and flashed some chemistry with Mason Raymond, he’s the odd man out on Friday for reasons that very probably have nothing to do with his hockey-playing ability. 

C’est la vie! I wouldn’t get too worked up though, and I’d expect Schroeder to be the first call-up should another Canucks forward (god forbid) find themselves on the shelf with injury. 

  • asdf

    Retarded move… Schroeder deserved a chance. Obviously AV didnt had the “minerals” to make that call.

    Ebbett would be unspectacular, defensively sound and will do OK on Saturday.. and Schroeder probably would have been outplayed against the Ducks and Oilers….. it just shows again that we dont give our young guys a chance AGAIN..

    WHY DO WE EVEN BOTHER DRAFTING? When injuries happen, this was the perfect time to give young guns a shot… We got to give motivation to the young guys to work hard… Now its back to the AHL again. STUPID MOVE!

    Not too long ago when Kesler was the 3rd line centre… around 4-5 years ago.. he wasn’t ready but our team was alot worse b4.. and he got ice time.. Just give Schroeder a stretch to play, make mistakes and learn…

    • DCR

      Did you read the part about Shroeder being the only one who could be sent down without being exposed to waivers?

      It’s stupid to expose either a valuable depth forward (Ebbett) or two guys you just signed that haven’t had a chance to play a game at any level for you to waivers when you don’t have to. This is doubly true when every team is in the process of making last minute roster decisions. It’s not the best hockey decision, but it’s the best medium-term decision if they intend to preserve the current roster.

      If waivers weren’t a factor it would be a different situation, but they are and it isn’t. It’s not a stupid move, simply a move where non-hockey factors look to have outweighed purely hockey factors.

  • asdf

    I don’t think this is a big issue. Ebbett will do fine. If anything, he looks to be more consistent and has experience. Schroeder had a good camp and has a higher ceiling and I think MG and AV know this. Schroeder will get a call-up soon enough. But I say no to letting him play and make mistakes to learn. He can do that in the AHL.

    • The only problem is that the “as soon as it’s possible” part might not come.

      What happens when Kesler comes back? What happens if the Canucks get a good centre in a Luongo trade sooner rather than later?

      I really hope he gets a shot, but unfortunately from a hockey stand point this was the perfect time for him to playing in Van. Too bad it’s not the right time in terms of the Canucks waiver situation with their other forwards.

  • I have great difficulty understanding all the pants wetting that goes on in Canuckland about our prospect development approach. We are an elite, deep team. We are patient with our prospects and make them truly earn their way onto the roster. And that is a GOOD thing.

    Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin, Alex Burrows, Ryan Kesler, Mason Raymond, Jannick Hansen, Alex Edler, Kevin Bieksa, Corey Schneider. Hmmmm…what do all these Canucks players have in common? I wonder.