Please watch this video. If you want to know more read the article.
If you want to start pre-emptively celebrating and never want to read another
word we totally get it.
What an age to be alive!
*whistles loudly*


So when the Nation Network started back in 2007, 99% of the comments were me,
@bingofuel and @thesquir3 yelling at each under fake names on the site. I had 4
or 5 distinct personalities for my commenters and when the Oil would do
something absurd I would think “I wonder how my fake crowd of Oilers fans will
take this news. Terrible probably.”
Baggedmilk and Jeanshorts were two of the first
non-imaginary people that read the site. I remember them emailing me my first WanyeMail and being like
“we love your site” and I was all “HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE ITS MOSTLY JUST
I can vividly recall sitting on my couch in 2008 talking
with baggedmilk on gchat and imagining a day where we worked together FT and
could bring jeanshorts into the mix.  I
can also vividly recall talking with jeanshorts on gchat and him telling me
that baggedmilk owed him $50 and he was planning on collecting by any means
It took almost 7 years but two of the the funniest people I
have seen online – no joke – are now reporting to Nation HQ for full time work.


Jeanshorts is coming aboard – as depicted in real time in
the video at the start of this article – to head up our video department and supercharge the amount of video content we
are making across the Network. Plus he will be heading up our offseason acquisition which will shatter all brains in the next couple days when announced. Excellent fun is on the immediate horizon.
But back to Jeanshorts. He is a real legit wizard of videos, having been employed in the fancy pants movie and TV industry in fancy pants Vancouver for 4 fancy pants years. Well put down your ocean kayaking paddle, grab your good winter tires and report to Nation World HQ Jeanshorts – we have mayhem to cause.


There has been a few great videos that we have put out in the past that are scattered throughout this article. They were sort of experiments and sort of beta versions of what we are going to build now. 
Epic pregame videos! Slow motion footage! A regular web series about Nation randomness! Cheeky moustache
add ins! In a coming week of crazy Nation announcements this is the best news by far.
Please welcome Jeanshorts in the comments section below and
follow him on twitter @JSBMjeanshorts