WWYDW Summer Debates: Who should be the Canucks’ captain in 2023/24?

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Stephan Roget
9 months ago
Welcome back to WDYTT WWYDW, the only hockey column on the internet that wears five letters on its chest.
Speaking of letters on the chest, it’s becoming a hot topic surrounding the Vancouver Canucks once again. The Canucks are currently captain-less, and there’s been no official indication that will change anytime soon, which has left fans and media alike to speculate about who best to fill the void in leadership.
Over the last week-and-a-bit, we ran a series of Captaincy Debate articles, in which we outlined the best cases for who we felt were the four best candidates to wear the ‘C’ in 2023/24: JT Miller, Elias Pettersson, Quinn Hughes, and no one.
Of course, those pieces just represented one authors opinion (or opinions) on the matter, and we know we’ve got a lot of other excellent opinions waiting to be shared around here.
So, this week, we’re turning it over to you, and asking you to formally debate:

Who should be the Canucks’ captain in 2023/24?

Make your captaincy case in the comment section.
Last week, we debated:

Who is the most exciting player in Canucks history?

Your responses are listed below!
BeerCan Boyd:
It’s Bure, and in 53 years of Canuck history, only EP comes anywhere close.
For me it is no contest: Todd Bertuzzi. There was a two-year stretch where he scored highlight-reel goal after goal after goal. Naslund would never have been the player he was without him. The hit on Pronger in the playoffs. Complete package until he was not. 85 and 97 points in ‘01/’02 and ‘02/’03 respectively with over 100 PIM in each season… come on!!!
Magic Head:
Pavel Bure. From his very first game he had the fans on their feet. No other Canuck gave the fans that kind of excitement consistently over the first seven years of his career in a Canucks uniform other than Pavel Bure.
If you are talking about a player who was exciting to watch, a player who could bring you out of your seat every time he touched the puck.
That was Bure. (We should give an honorable mention to Kuzmenko noting there is more to come).
Petey and Hughes have a chance to re-write history. Not just being exciting to watch, but become the cornerstones of the next great Canuck team. They have the potential to do what the Sedins couldn’t.
Steven Glansberg:
Most exciting?
Pavel Bure. Any other answer is incorrect.
From that Upper Deck hockey card with him in rollerblades, we were all in.
He was electric and took everyone’s breath away the instant he touched the puck.
I’d argue he is one of the most exciting NHL players ever.
Jyrki Lumme’s Suicide Rush.
Uncle Jeffy:
I was considering Jiri Slegr for his adrenalin-inducing point shot… but really, it’s Pavel Bure.
Agree with the consensus: it’s Bure. Some interesting options for second place though. I like HockeyfanMexico’s suggestion of Bertuzzi and BCB’s suggestion of EP. Maybe it’s listening to the West Coast Express podcast, but that line was the most exciting in hockey. Bertuzzi drove that line. I will give him second place.
Brian Phillips:
In order: Bure, Gino, Tanti, Mogilny, Bertuzzi, Pettersson.
Hughes will be entering this zone very soon.
To me, Bure, with his speed off the wing creating so many breakaways and other scoring chances, would be in a discussion for most exciting NHL player of all-time, and no other Canuck has come close to creating that level of excitement.
Bure! I am actually one of the 16,000 or so who was there at his debut game against the Winnipeg Jets. To think the game was not televised. He didn’t score, but he went through the whole Jets team at least twice. No Canuck before or since had the ability to go end to end like Pavel Bure.
Craig Gowan:
Pavel Bure, and it’s not particularly close.
Joe in Vancouver:
Bure was only a little bit more exciting to see than Tiger Williams. Bure had those astounding wheels, but Williams was a loose cannon who always seemed about to go off.
arthur kidd:
It’s funny that no one mentions the Sedins here. their Harlem lobetrotter sequences often had me breathless for extended periods. It was a special thrill that you could only get from those two. I’d be laughing afterwards. Whenever I get too down on Canuck history, I try to remember how lucky we were to have those few years of Sedinery.
Harold Snepts4:
l think on an objective basis, Bure wins. ln today’s game, if he was healthy, he could have scored 90 goals in a season. For me, on a personal basis, I want to give honorable mention to Tyler Myers as one of the most exciting players in Canucks history. Every time he steps on the ice, you never know when he is going to cough up the puck or screen the goalie or when the opposing team will skate around him and score on the PK. That always keeps things exciting.
He could take your breath away every time he lost the puck.
Leo Union:
Bure…then Hughes/Petey/Sedins/Miller.
Jay Walker:
(Winner of the author’s weekly award for eloquence)
It’s clear, eh?
No one else can compete,
In how Pavel brought us to our feet.

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