WWYDW: Fans weigh in on faith in Boudreau and you predict Pettersson’s point total

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Stephan Roget
1 year ago
Welcome back to WDYTT, the only hockey column on the internet that can’t be blamed on Bruce Boudreau’s system.
Speaking of Boudreau’s system, it might not be working for the Vancouver Canucks as a whole, but it’s certainly working for their top forward, Elias Pettersson.
As of this writing, Pettersson leads the Canucks in scoring and sits right at the cusp of the league’s top-ten scorers. Best of all? It doesn’t seem like he’s slowing down anytime soon. In fact, he might be speeding up.
Coming into this season, Pettersson’s previous career bests were 32 goals and 68 points; with each record set last year. In 2022/23, so long as he can stay healthy, Pettersson seems poised to shatter those marks.
The only question remaining is “how shattered?”
There are those who believe that the sky is the limit for Pettersson. Others believe that he’ll fall short of entering the true upper echelon of league talent.
Which sort of person are you?
This week, we’re asking you:

How many points do you think Elias Pettersson will get this season?

Let it be known in the comment section.
Last week, we asked:

Do you still have faith in Bruce Boudreau as coach of the Vancouver Canucks?

You answered below!
I do have faith in BB. It’s the owner, and a seemingly dysfunctional organizational culture that worry me. The team appears to operate in a haphazard fashion with no clear vision or plan. It’s hard for anyone to be successful in such an organization.
Matt Pisko:
Faith in Bruce? To do what? He can’t turn this team around this season. Scott Bowman in his prime couldn’t turn this team around.
This is largely the same team as last season, and we are seeing things come home to roost. Mgmt knew that Demko covered up a ton of warts last season, leading to the Canucks’ 5v5 scoring advantage last season. He is not playing to that ability this season and the results speak for themselves.
I keep hearing about “patience” and “seeing what happens after the next 5 games.” If management thinks that two or three wins over ANA, NSH, OTT, MON, or TOR are indicators of this team’s true talent level, they are seriously delusional.
Start moving out players now. It’s way past time.
FV Fan:
BB is just fine. His assistant coaches leave a ton of question marks for me, however.
Bruce will not make it through this year, unfortunately. He will be the first lifeline Allvin and Rutherford use after not doing what they needed to this offseason.
Jose Vancouver:
(Winner of the author’s weekly award for eloquence)
I have faith in Bruce. You don’t win 600 NHL games unless you know what you are doing. There are different types of coaches, and funny enough, I have compared Bruce and John Tortorella in the same way — both coaches are very strong in reaching players (one uses a stick, the other a pat on the back) and both like to surround themselves with ‘X and O’ people (notice both worked well with Brad Shaw). Last year – we saw what Bruce was able to do with a talented, but poorly assembled, roster. The team went 32-15-10.
My issue is that the management of this group has systematically gone out of their way to undermine Bruce. They have criticized his lack of commitment to structure, systems, etc. Allvin has publicly stated that teams took Vancouver lightly and that Demko bailed the team out every single night.
There is some truth to that. Unfortunately for Rutherford and Allvin, Canuck fans aren’t that stupid. Coaching will not fix all the issues Allvin has raised. The team’s current construction is imbalanced, recent signings don’t make sense. For Bruce, he lost Brad Shaw and Scott Walker, and his new assistant coaches are Mike Yeo and Trent Cull. That is a downgrade.
Having said that, in doing so, they have undermined Bruce’s ability to lead the team. Bruce can’t do his job adequately if he has Allvin down his back all the time, and he can’t garner the respect of his players if they know he is a lame duck coach with no contract beyond this current season.
I really hope Bruce finds a team that will respect him and let him do what he does best. Going into this season, there were rumours he would be fired. After going 32-15-10.
Only in Vancouver.
Hockey Bunker:
Yes I have faith in BB.
Bruce Boudreau is a very good coach, but he has been frustrated by how his team has turtled in the third to give up lead after lead.
He outlined what he wants players to do and they are not doing it.
Constant turn over on the backend due to injuries (used 11 defensemen so far!!) and terrible goaltending by Demko is killing the team.
Bruce has to pick some pairs and stick with it, if they can stay healthy.
Once Bear is in game-shape, pair him with OEL and put Myers with Burroughs on a third pair which could thrive against weaker competition.
Schenn and Hughes stick together for now.
And keep Kuzmenko after practice to work on burying his chances.
And play Martin.
He has earned more starts.
Yes, I have faith in Bruce. Make Bruce president of hockey operations and bring in Scott Walker as head coach. It might not make us better, but it can’t make us worse.
Curt Tannock:
I have total faith in Bruce, his pedigree speaks for itself. To be honest, I feel for Bruce. He has inherited a mess that has been a mess for the better part of 20 years. We have had several management groups in that time, and not one of them has actually rebuilt this team. Each management group has relied upon the “hand-me-downs” from the previous regimes, which is not a recipe for success.
There is the issue of the owners interfering. I am not to sure how deep that goes, or if there is actually any merit to the claims, but if it is true, this would only amplify the issues, for sure. So, in reality, the coach is not the issue: it is everyone above him, which is catastrophic! Until the owners and the management get their poop in a group, we (the fans) should expect nothing more than what we have seen the last 20 years. Time to start cheering for another team that is committed to winning and shows it, even if they are losing. So, I have faith in Bruce, PA, and JR; again, their track record speaks for itself, they have built winners where ever they have been. Ever since the Aquilini group has taken over, this team has been a mess, and I have no reason to believe anymore that this situation will ever change as long as they are the owners of this team.
BeerCan Boyd:
I have faith in Boudreau. But he has to send OEL a message and sit him for a few games. Can’t keep playing him 22 minutes a night when he is this bad. I feel for Rathbone, and especially Burroughs, who has been playing his heart out so far this year.
Honestly, not sure anymore. Lots of respect for Bruce, but I’ve always been in favour of playing guys who put forth the effort every night. Bruce continues to use his vets in all areas of the ice, regardless of how they’re performing, and I’m not just talking about OEL. Miller on the penalty kill is ridiculous, he’s just not quick enough for it; same at centre, although that change was made it was far too late. Keeping OEL on the second power play, scratching Garland, scratching Burroughs and Rathbone, even sending Wolanin back down after he had such a good showing, all the wrong messages for the young players and no accountability for the struggling vets. I honestly don’t know… the pressure to get an immediate win every night over developing a team seems to be clouding his judgment, and that rotten mentality stems from higher up in the organization.
I have faith that Boudreau is a good coach. I think he should finish the year as the Canucks’ coach. However, I don’t think he’s the best coach for this team long-term. It is clear management doesn’t believe it either.
It’s not really a Boudreau issue though. There are too many players on this team that won’t/can’t play with structure. The players need to change, but maybe the team needs more of structured coach as well?
The definition of insanity is to keep doing what you are doing and expecting a different result. When you eliminate all other suspects, the one you are left with — no matter how preposterous — is the right answer. We have changed management, coaches, and third and fourth line role players, so the only thing left is the core. It is obvious that it is not the coach. Time for some core roster changes. Period!
Mike Honcho:
I really like the guy, but I don’t think he’s the right coach for this team. He’s the type of coach you bring in to help a mature team eke out a couple of extra percent to get them over the top. The Canucks are a young team (sixth youngest, I believe) that needs a firmer hand. Someone that is still a good coach, but who is a bit stricter and puts a bigger emphasis on structure. Someone in management saw this from last year and that’s why they hedged his success by bringing him back and only brought him back for a season. Like others have said, Trotz would probably be a better fit.
I have faith in Bruce because he is one of the winningest coaches ever. Played at every level. Coached at every level. What I don’t have faith in is a rookie puppet GM stabbing his coach in the back at every opportune moment. One that failed to address the D situation that we all knew was horrible. Except for the puppet GM who felt our D-core was adequate.
Absolutely, I have faith in Boudreau as a head coach. He hasn’t all of a sudden lost his ability to coach. For some reason, I think Bruce is on an island all by himself. Last year, he righted the ship when working with assistants Brad Shaw and (for a short while) Scott Walker. The 5-on-5 play rapidly improved, and the PK finally was able to keep the team in games. Mike Yeo and Trent Cull seem to be underwhelming at this point. For some reason, Jason King is getting results on the PP, but I’m thinking that has a lot to do with Pettersson coming around, and Horvat on a crazy scoring streak. The assistants role in this are far greater than we realize.

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