Our worst Vancouver Canucks takes of the year: Canucks Conversation Jan. 10th

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By Faber
1 year ago
On today’s episode of Canucks Conversation, David Quadrelli and I broke down some of our worst Vancouver Canucks takes of the past year.
And as you probably guessed, some of them weren’t pretty.
Quads started things off with the heater of a take that Conor Garland would outscore captain Bo Horvat at five-on-five this season.
Clearly, Quads underestimated Bo Horvat as he is sitting on 29 goals this season while Garland only has 19 points total.
Now, though my food takes and overall non-hockey takes have been horrendous at times, going back through our articles from 2022, it was hard to find a horrendously bad take. There’s been a handful of bad takes on the show and one of my worst was the hot take that I floated at the start of the season believing that Brock Boeser would lead the team in points. Another one was the idea that the Canucks needed to sprint to the stage to draft Jonathan Lekkerimäki.
Though Lekkerimäki’s start to his Canucks tenure as a prospect has not gone well, it’s still well too early to write this kid off, but maybe instead of sprinting to the stage, a brisk walk would work.
Watch the full segment below!

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Later on in the show, I give an update on Danilla Klimovich and Aidan McDonough and we announce our guest for Wednesday’s show, Linus Karlsson.
The chat was very involved in the show and it was another fun one on Tuesday.
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