What are you hoping Santa brings the Vancouver Canucks?: Canucks Conversation

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Clarke Corsan
6 months ago
On today’s episode of Canucks Conversation, David Quadrelli and Patrick Johnston discussed what they’d like the Canucks to get for Christmas. The question is prefaced with the caveat that whatever the gift might be, it theoretically will cost the Canucks nothing in return.
“I think it’s Elias Lindholm,” said Quads. “Pending UFA at 4.85 million for this year, it would be hard for the Canucks to fit him in, and obviously, that acquisition cost is going to drive you away. But if you could have anything for Christmas, it’s a play-driving winger to play with Elias Pettersson. If Lindholm, who’s a centre, not a winger, is out there to take a faceoff, you have two guys who can play the defensive role of a centre if you need to, like they had when J.T. Miller would take the draws, and Pettersson would rotate and become the centre on the lotto line. It’s a fit, and it’s exactly the kind of guy they need.”
“Not every faceoff matters, but some do matter a lot,” Pat said. “Finding another guy to take those high-leverage draws, I absolutely get that. I’m not 100% convinced Lindholm is the guy; he is the kind of guy, but is that the only reason to get him? Is there someone else? When you’re in the Canucks’ position, you want to add guys to the top that push others down the lineup.”
“Exactly,” Quads responded. “That’s what good teams have; that’s depth, and you need that in the playoffs.”
Show producer Grady Sas chimed in with a take of his own:
“Jake Guentzel. When you first hear that, you think, ‘woah, that’s big game hunting,’ but to me, it depends on where the Penguins are at the deadline. He’s a pending UFA; Tocchet, Allvin, and Rutherford are obviously familiar with him. It depends on where they are in the standings and if they’re willing to sell pieces off. Another guy that played for Rick Tocchet is Lawson Crouse, and just like Pittsburgh, where is Arizona going to be at the deadline? I’ve seen others float out Travis Konecny from Philly.”
Grady Continued: “It’s a tough year this year because the middle to lower end of the standings – there’s a logjam; how many teams are actually going to be sellers come the deadline? You try to find a guy to fit those prototypes in Tocchet’s system; I think all three of those guys would, but it’s gonna cost an arm and a leg.”
The CanucksArmy staff will be penning their wishlist on CanucksArmy.com, with the articles pre-scheduled to run on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!
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