What to expect from Arshdeep Bains in his NHL debut: Canucks Conversation

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Clarke Corsan
4 months ago
On today’s episode of Canucks Conversation, David Quadrelli and Harman Dayal were joined by Dave Hall to preview Arshdeep Bains’ debut against the Avalanche. The Surrey, BC native is expected to get his first shot on the big stage tonight, and the Canucks hope he’ll provide a spark after a wild 10-7 loss against Minnesota on Monday. With the team at risk of losing their third straight game for the first time all season, Bains looks to produce in what will likely be a third or fourth-line role.
“He’s got a lot of skill,” said Dave. Bains’ strong playmaking ability is a hallmark of his game in the AHL with Abbotsford, but it remains to be seen how it will translate to the NHL. The 23-year-old will face elite competition on the Avs, so analysts expect a measured debut in terms of deployment. “He has a tendency to try a lot out there with his elite playmaking, but I would expect him to probably not do too much out there, I anticipate him to go out and have some fun. One thing you’re going to see is his work ethic.”
The jump from the AHL to the NHL is massive. Not only is the skill level higher, but the pace is significantly faster. Players have less time to make decisions, and those who hesitate can quickly be overwhelmed. Bains’ creativity is an asset, but he’ll need to balance it with a tighter, more decisive style of play.
“He’s going to leave it out there every shift, and hopefully that’s on the third line,” Dave added. “That’s where I’m hoping they slot him in, I would love to see him next to Blueger and Garland, but we’ll see how it goes.”
Bains could replace Ilya Mikheyev, who’s been struggling offensively (1 goal in his last 29 games), or any of the fourth liners (Di Giuseppe, Aman, or Lafferty).
Bains’ debut is a crucial opportunity – not only for him but for the Canucks. The team is still searching for consistency within their depth players, and a fresh, energetic face could provide a much-needed boost. If Bains can impress, it could open doors for a more permanent role in the lineup.
Dave then spoke on Bains’ improvements from last year, with his pace of play being an element potentially holding him back from the higher level.
“Skating is definitely one of them,” Dave said. “He was going to take part in the fastest skater competition at the AHL All-Star competition so his skating is one of the areas that’s improved.” “One thing about his game that goes undetected is his five-on-five ability. He’s got 77 points in two years and only 16 of those have come on the powerplay. Overall, he can drive a line, and if someone is struggling, Colliton knows he can toss anyone next to Bains to get things going. So A, his improved skating and B, his ability to carry his line around him.”
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