WDYTT: Where should the Canucks go from here, and where will they?

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Stephan Roget
1 year ago
Welcome back to WDYTT, the only hockey column on the internet that is always in midseason form.
Speaking of midseason, we’re not quite there yet when it comes to the Vancouver Canucks and the 2021/22 campaign. But we are at the mid-midseason, otherwise known as the quarter-mark. 20 regular season games have now come and gone, and that’s about all that can be said about them, too.
Everyone’s opinion on what has happened so far should be pretty consistent. Whatever you were expecting coming into the season, it probably wasn’t a 6-12-2 start — the franchise’s worst in a quarter-century.
There’s no sense asking what you all think of the Canucks’ performance thus far in 2021/22, because no one wants to read an article consisting of 25 different variations of “disappointed!”
But what about what comes next?
There, we believe there’s plenty of debate to be had.
This week, we’re really asking you two different questions:

What do you think the Vancouver Canucks should do next?


What do you think the Vancouver Canucks WILL do next?

Share your thoughts in the comment section.
Last week, we asked:

Who would you want as the next head coach of the Vancouver Canucks?

Your responses are below!
For coach, I would like to see someone with a proven record, like Claude Julien. But before hiring a new coach, they need a President and new GM.
Anybody but Green or Benning.
Keeping Green and Benning will just prolong the changes that need to be made.
Replace both with an interim coach and GM.
This will give Aquilini eight months to find a new competent GM, coach, and president.
The fans will buy into it and at least give them hope for better days in the future.
Eight years without an identity is too too long.
Pascal Vincent. AHL Manitoba. Likely not available until the end of the season. That’s the thing though, AHL won’t release head coaches during the season to be hired by an NHL team. That makes the list very short.
They have gone to the AHL for a head coach twice now and where has that gotten them? Someone proven at the NHL level, please.
No one competent is coming here to clean up this mess. The guy or guys would have to somehow improve horrid specialty teams, of which the PK is 32nd in the NHL and the PP 27th. It looks like no one involved really gives a rat’s behind, so why should the fans?
Ideally, Aquaman should sort out the management group — first, by hiring a PoHO that has (a lot of) autonomy on the direction of the team, because only a worthwhile candidate would value this above all; otherwise, mediocrity.
As for coaching, a short term and long-term approach would probably be best. Short-term, hire a coach that has a long track record of winning in the NHL; and long term, hire an up-and-comer, that the veteran coach can mentor; and grow with the core.
My choice: Boudreau or anyone with a track record of winning in this league; and any up-and-comer, willing to learn and wait for his turn.
Mark Messier.
Agreeing with what other posters are stating…hire a President FIRST!
Then let that person do their job, and then the other pieces of the organization will come to fruition.
I don’t care if the next coach comes from the AHL, NHL, KHL, or the moon. Just put a competent person in charge.
A River Named Curt:
Bruce “Gabby” Boudreau. He’s only missed the playoff twice in a long, successful coaching career (567-302-115 record) and reached 200 wins faster than any coach in the modern era. And he’s a hoot in post-game interviews.
I’ve read the comments and I am frustrated by them. F. Aquilini’s meddling has been known about for years, and until ownership removes him as their managing director, nothing is going to change, plus they are not going to attract anyone of quality to manage or coach here. Do you think Sakic Yzerman, Lou Holland, John Davidson, et al would want to come here under the present circumstances? I haven’t even mentioned coaching candidates. As long as the turnstiles turn at over 97% and the merchandise keeps flying off the shelves, Luigi isn’t going to rein Francesco in or replace him. It’s an investment one that is doing quite well.
Defenceman Factory:
Anybody but Green, except maybe Torts or Keenan.
Don’t hire a coach now. As many have said a full rinse and new strategy moving forward is needed. That should not stop Green from being removed from his duties now. Give Shaw the acting role, let him make some moves for assistants, and implement a new management staff in the offseason. This cycle of one-year plans need to end.
I don’t think Benning was ever asked to be the best possible team beyond a time-frame of next season. There is no reason to believe he would be better at long-term planning than short-term, but clearly short-term decision-making has been and remains a serious issue for the Canucks.
Part of the pedestrian management team here is that there are no good internal interim solutions. Brian Burke and Mike Gillis each had competent people that could step in on an interim basis. There was also coaching depth on the farm with Carlyle, Vigneault, and Green. Does anyone think Weisbrod or Cull could step in?
Good organizations have depth and other teams always try to poach them. When was the last time we heard any interest in the Canucks organization?
Hire a President of Hockey Operations!
I believe a guy like Bruce Boudreau would bring not only structure to the team, but true leadership. He is known as a no-nonsense coach that has credibility. Green has lost the room and once the players stop listening, you are done.
Craig Gowan:
We need a coach with lots of NHL experience. I would choose Bruce Boudreau. He has made a difference to every team he has been hired to coach. He likes an offensive style, which would suit our top-nine forwards and Quinn Hughes. I am aware of his struggles in the playoffs, but right now the Canucks need marked improvement during the regular season.
2nd choice: Claude Julien, who Benning knows from the Boston Bruins. He coaches well in the regular season and the playoffs. He has won a Cup.
Has no one said Ted Nolan? Even before that TSN documentary, I’ve been wondering why the hell this guy isn’t in the NHL man. This þeam is stacked on paper, but so incoherent it’s kinda sad.
Like many have already mentioned many times, hiring a team president is the course that needs to be taken. It’s too bad Trevor Linden got pushed out and certainly isn’t likely to come back. A Team President will have to be carefully considered.
As for Coach, I didn’t see any suggestions of…wait for it…Kevin Bieksa with Kes and Burr as Assistant Coaches.
The dude is so knowledgeable and would definitely get the respect of the players. Would miss him on HNIC, but post-game interviews would be fantastic.
It was nice to read last weeks answers and hear you all giving out some love and positivity rather than all the doom and gloom that currently surrounds this team.
Kevin Bieksa. This team needs a huge attitude adjustment, and he’s the man who could make that happen.
What about Ken Hitchcock? Stanley Cup winner, 3rd all-time winningest coach, Jack Adams Award. He is getting up there in years, but then so is Bruce Boudreau?
What about Curt Fraser? Old-time ‘nucker, until they traded him for Tony Tanti.
The coaching change is necessary, but that can come after they clean up management.
Would like to see someone intelligent and knowledgeable in hockey, like Jennifer Botterill, be hired in some capacity.

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