WDYTT: Which Vancouver Canucks veteran should be traded first?

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Stephan Roget
2 years ago
Welcome to the first-ever edition of WDYTT 2022, the only hockey column on the internet that has eight ‘T’s’ in it if you spell the whole thing out.
Speaking of spelling things out, interim GM Jim Rutherford has been doing exactly that in his infrequent press briefings over his first few weeks on the job.
He’s commented that the team won’t be trading any future assets for current gains, and that, in fact, the team would instead be seeking to acquire picks and prospects in order to build up their long-term future.
Put two-and-two together, and you’ve got a tacit admission that the first moves of the Rutherford regime will be to move veterans out in exchange for future assets.
The question is raised, then, as to exactly which veteran players Rutherford and Co. might be thinking of dealing.
There are some more obvious options — like Tanner Pearson, whom Rutherford has already traded once before — and then some decidedly more controversial choices, like Elias Pettersson and JT Miller.
But who really cares what the real Canucks front office thinks?
This column is all about you, and what you think!
So, this week, we’re asking you:

Which Canuck veteran would you trade first, if you had to trade one?

Let us know in the comment section.
Last week, we asked:

What are you most looking forward to in 2022?

Your responses are listed below!
A resurgent Petey. Yes he missed a lot of games last year, had a late start this year, and changed sticks (the impact of which shouldn’t be underestimated.) However, he still isn’t the dynamic, ankle-breaking wizard we first saw when he debuted. So, is he a bonafide 1C with the ability to score hat tricks at whim? Or is he what we see today: a very good centre. While coach BB has gotten the most from many players, it’s naive to think every single player will respond similarly. Something still isn’t right. And, we need it to be.
For the team to continue to progress, go on a run in the playoffs, and for Bruce to win Coach of the Year!
(Winner of the author’s weekly award for eloquence)
I’m looking forward — maybe somewhat apprehensively, given Rutherford’s penchant for big trades — to see what improvements JR makes to improve the team. Given his track record, I have to put my trust in him, but there are certainly some players I would really like to stay on the team.
Defenceman Factory:
I am curious to see the direction this new regime will take. Will they take a couple years to get some breathing room under the cap before gearing up to contend? This is actually a pretty good team. How good was very difficult to see under Green. Will we see some patience and the implementation of a multi-year plan, or are we going to see some big moves before the start of next season which further compromise the future?
Killer Marmot:
I’m keen to see the first major player moves by the new management. If the team continues to win, I may have to wait until summer.
Benning was under a cloud, and every significant move was met with skepticism, even when it made sense. The new management will have a bit of a honeymoon, but it won’t last long if the first trades are mediocre.
Kunlun Red Star:
The Stanley Cup . This is the year. A month ago, the oddsmakers’ chances of Canucks even making the playoffs were something like 1.8 in 100. Now, it seems like anything is possible. Goaltending, we’ve got it. Coaching, check. Three lines that can score, check. Size on defense along with a PP quarterback who guides the offense, check. You heard it here first, folks.
El Kabong:
Hockey Bunker:
Long playoff run starting with laying waste to the Pacific Division.
Some moves for the future of the team, not the immediate present out of desperation. Who will be kept to have a contending team a couple years down the line and who will be traded as they don’t fit that timeline either by age or salary cap? I hate to say it, but trading Miller seems like a necessity. He will demand too much term and cap for a player of his age. The best thing is his value has never been higher and he should fetch a massive return. Some moves need to be made that will have short-term pain to make this team a long-term contender.
Craig Gowan:
I am looking forward to seeing who Rutherford hires to be his management team. The GM selection will be crucial, but the AGM hires are also important. When that’s completed, I am looking forward to hearing the new management team’s analysis of the quality of the current roster and what changes are necessary to be consistently competitive.
Really looking forward to how JR & crew will fine-tune the roster and replenish the prospect cupboard. Of course, the biggest X-factor remains to be outside of the team’s control (the covid response).
IMO, this year should be a year of assessment – until the offseason – from Boudreau to FA, and it would be shortsighted to be a buyer in the TDL due to the winning streak. Preferably, JR sells what he can in the TDL because the players the Canucks really need can only be acquired cheaply in the draft, and the Canucks are still limited in cap space to make a significant addition.
A River Named Curt:
A year of Bruce Boudreau’s up-tempo brand of hockey. It’s just so much more fun to watch.
I’m looking forward to the team playing to their full potential, as they have been for the last 10 games. The other wish for 2022 is to find cap relief and build the prospect pool up.
One looks forward with cautious optimism for the Canucks under Coach Boudreau to continue to chip away at standings points, to where the postseason can become a reality. Seven for seven is very promising and they’re slowly getting there. Come on, gang, we want playoffs!!!
What am I most looking forward to in 2022?
The end of this effing virus that’s affecting my life, your lives, and the lives of everyone. Including the Canucks!
Happy New Year, fellow posters…

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